Wedding or Models Photography Tips


BYOP? Bring your own props to spice up a photoshoot.

Since most models that are just starting out are often booked by photographers with little experience, there is always the possibility of the ever awkward photoshoot pause.

The photographer stares blankly from the camera review screen, to the model, back to the review screen, back to you, then scratches his head.

You might think that this means that he is unhappy with the photos, but in most cases, it simple means that he or she has completely run out of poses or themes – their mind is as blank as backdrop paper. The next question out of their mouth is usually, “Do you have any poses or ideas?”

Wedding or Models Photo Shoot Ideas

Whether you are a beginning model, or are more advanced in your modeling career, this is your moment to shine. I strongly recommend that, in addition to the outfits agreed upon, that models bring additional outfits, props and accessories to the session.

Some photographers may not be very receptive to ideas from models, and others may be outright offended that you dare to think your creative power matches theirs, still most photographers are quick to welcome new ideas and themes. Here are some very basic props and accessories:

Bubble Wands – while not ideal for all locations, a simple bubble wand moment can brighten the mood of most photo shoots, and will generally only set you back 1.00 at your local dollar store.

Fake Flowers – not the full blown bouquet, but a few fake roses or daisies can often provide a point of focus, and highlight a theme for a shoot.

Books – find a nice old textbook, or a book with an interesting title, and carry it in your bag just in case! A very low cost item at your local thrift store.

Fake Food – fake fruits and vegetables are a great novelty item. Fill a basket with them, and you are Little Red Riding Hood. Place an apple on someone’s head, and the plot thickens.

Sidewalk Chalk – local authorities generally frown upon models armed with spray paint, but a box of sidewalk chalk can allow you to carve your name into the stone – at least, until the next rain comes!

Nerdy eyeglasses – novelty nerdy eyeglasses (best to use a cheap fake pair with the lenses removed), can boost your modelling I.Q.

Cigarette/Cigar – oldies, but goodies. Don’t smoke? Well, neither do I, but modeling is a lot like acting – place the UNLIT cigarette or cigar in your mouth, and smile!


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