Top Pakistani Old Drama Actresses & Models


Pakistani dramas and actresses magic always are rising on the people of Pakistan. Whenever we talk about big names of Pakistani drama actresses, then suddenly some top names in our mind just remind us their dramas in which they have performed and their acting skills.

Here we are list top Pakistani actresses names which are the secrets behind the success of Pakistani dramas industry and all Pakistani drama serials. Pakistan showbiz industry is standing because of these actresses presence and performances in several Pakistani big dramas. These legends always did great work and prove themselves as the big stars of Pakistan.


Roohi Bano

Born on August 10, 1951 in Karachi. Roohi Bano is one of those artists who regarded the TV born in Pakistan and had become. She worked with Talat Hussain, Rahat Kazmi and other top heroes were hit television drama. Self-made and natural acting on the TV screen ruling dramas like Kiran Kahani, Zard Gulaab, Darwaza, Kaanch ka Pull and other memorable roles in numerous classic plays and won the hearts of audiences.

Closer to reality acting in dramas featuring his acting and won numerous awards, including the Pride of Performance in 2005. However, private life and suffering due to the sudden death of the young son has lost his mental balance.


Shehnaz Sheikh

Born in Lahore, Pakistani actress Shehnaz Sheikh, the legend of television actors making up the small screen in the eighties. She began his career in 1980 with serial written by Shoaib Hashmi, but they stopped after a few episodes, but Shehnaz acting became the center of attention and the ‘Unkahi’ was offered the lead role in the Notes written and directed by Shoaib Mansoor.

According to their fame, his next drama, ‘Mare They Jin Ke Liye’ but they also achieved great success with peak heights of the serial bully ‘Tanhayaan’ written by Shahzad Khalil give instructions, interestingly, Raj Kapoor, the film ‘Hanna’ work in which he rejected the offer, then that ‘Uncle Sargam’ and ‘Yes Sir No Sir’, appeared in shows such as marriage in the middle of the ninety then he took retirement.


Marina Khan

Long play acting career Marina Khan, Rashid Minhas, and then the classical serial ‘Tanhaayan’ had the opportunity to work with which he touched the heights of fame. She then continued sense, sunny shores, rescue, escape, you say, empty site and acted in plays such a super hit, direction and production with still acting like they are busy in the fields.


Bushra Ansari

Bushra Ansari was born in Karachi and started acting in the childhood. Her parent was television presenter, so her interests build in very early age. Islamabad after his parents moved there with his Farooq Qaiser (Uncle Sargam) Bushra, who was on the show took part, was the first drama production of cereal and then Column they have become part of the many unforgettable shows like Aangan Terha, Show Time, Fifty Fifty, Shosha, Rang Tarang, Emergency Ward and some have been and still are working energetically to the world of showbiz, have received numerous awards, including the Pride of Performance.


Tahira Wasti

Tahira Wasti born in 1944 in Sargodha, Lahore and Karachi first moved in and started acting in 1968, PTV, and then nine decades and reached the height of his career. To play a role for the queen and the royal princess was known, Tahira Wasti has several roles in television dramas including prominent writer Saadat Hassan Manto of a story, ‘Jaib Katra’ including. Janglus in his famous drama serials, Kashkol, Shaheen, Shamah, Aakhri Chataan, Afshan, Daldall and Fashaar are including. Tahira Wasti in 2012 after a long illness, her husband died in a hospital in Karachi. Rizwan Wasti was also a fine actor and broadcaster and one of them was in 2011.


Khalida Riyasat

Affecting millions of viewers for their excellent performances Khalida Riyasat born in January 1953 in Karachi. Talented artist began his artistic career in the 70s drama serial ‘Naamdar’, the actor with his role Shakeel. But his popularity Notes written by renowned playwright drama serial ‘Bandish’ was found, the producer PTV drama was produced by Mohsin Ali. Anwar Maqsood script based on long-term game “Half Plate”. Moin Akhtar with his fans still remembers the classic characterization drama. She inquired curiously contemporary artists, the prime minister and worked in numerous plays and serials.

Refuge in his famous plays, closure, sunglasses, wall, lost man, Silver Jubilee, interpretation, and now you can add other neighbors. Artistic life in other cities of the country after spending the last days of life he secretly spent in hospital, he was suffering from cancer. Khalida Riyasat, the final drama serial ‘Parosi’, which was abandoned after he was artistic world, people happiness, this talented actor received 26 August 1996 to be his creator.


Badar Khalil

Badar Khalil born in Lahore, who is also known by the name of Amy, who are perceived to legend, in 1968. She began his career as children’s shows hosted by PTV drama but ‘B Jamalo’ in the role earned and not to do so anymore. Badar Khalil from Lahore to Karachi with her husband Shehzad Khalid moved and his first major classical drama ‘Un Kahi’ after which Tanhaayan, Dhoop Kinaare, Tum Sey Kehna Tha, Chaandi Raate, Faraar, Parosi, Khaali Haath, Half Plate and hit numerous best actor proved themselves through drama and still they are active in different channels.


Zaheen Tahira

Zaheen Tahira from Karachi, dramas history most senior and veteran actor who prevails on TV screens from the beginning and now more than seven hundred operas included stints. The most popular plays of the PTV ‘Khuda ki Basti’ have the honor to work while the threshold of the heart. Dil Diya Dehleez, Anokha Bandhan, Khala Kheran, Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai, Chaandni Raate, Shamah, Zeenat, Aroosa, Ajaayib Khana, Raaste Dil Ke and other numerous plays opportunity to shine.


Rubina Ashraf

Rubina Ashraf is one of the top famous Pakistani actress, was born in 9 November 1959. She has been done graduate degree in Graphics designing and then started her career from Pakistan showbiz industry. Some of her famous dramas are Kasak, Perchaya, Saawan Roop, Pase Aaina, Aik Aadha Hafta, Yaaryan and has been perform in several other Pakistani dramas.


Samina Peerzada

Samina Peerzada was born in 1955, She started acting in Pakistan showbiz industry after completing the graduation degree in Commerce. She tied the knots with Usman Peerzada in 1975. After which she worked in numerous films, TV dramas show the real fame came from the Anna, Kalmohi, Raat, Hasaar and other are remarkable. Samina is also an excellent director; she has proved him both movies and dramas. She also appeared in the films with different channels are busy at work.


Uzma Gillani

Uzma is considered as one of the leading actresses. Ashfaq Ahmed in the seventies serial, Qilla Kahaani is the beginning of her career and rise Amjad Islam Amjad written play ‘Waaris’ in which she got fame from a modern and independent woman role. Often plays the role of a strong woman, but I found the answer in tragedian the remarkable ‘Asylum’ was at the Afghan refugees. And plays the same way, Badalte Qaalib, Nasheman, Pagli, Be Waaris, Neeley Haath and worked in a number of other classic plays at the height of the career she suffered from cancer but she was still able to maintain their quality and still they are committed in TV dramas.


Atiqa Odho

Odho was born in February 1968 concerning the Atiqa based on his attractive personality and are known actor and host of television shows as well as difficult areas and are active in politics. Atiqa Odho plays written by Anwar Maqsood successful debut on the television Sitaara or Mehr Un Nisah, Dasht, Talaash, Aks, Angaar Waadi, Janoon, Aan, Karchiyan, Nijaat, Zikar He Kayee Saal Ka and others achieved through the rise.


Mahnoor Baloch

In July 1970, US eye-opener Mahnoor Baloch Pakistan’s prominent actor and model who was married at the age of fifteen years but then they come on the TV screen and were overwhelmed. She started her theatrical caree when she was 23-year-old in the 1993. Her debut Pakistani drama Maarvi, the drama began his career. Doosra Aasman was able to get the fame, Shiddat, Silla, Kabhi Kabhi Pyar Mein, Chaandni Raate, Yeh Zindagi and other TV dramas became legend, in 2000, his drama serials months Maahnoor Baloch direction and started production as a director first play ‘Silla’ developed, plus they are in the movie Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi, have become part of the film.


Sania Saeed

Sania Saeed was born in 28 August 1972 in Karachi. She is the best Pakistani actor and good host. Her debut Pakistani drama “Aurat” in 1989. Then she stepped into the world of the television while they were NTM first announcer but real fame Sahira Kazmi Hasina specific instructions made in writing and play ‘Aahat’, his other famous plays heat, Sitaara or Mehr Un Nisa, Aur Zindagi Badalti Hai, Kahaania, Kalmohi, Roshan, Hawa Rait or Aangan, Aao Kahaani Bante Hai, Ab Tum Jaa Sakte Ho, Shayad Ke Bahaar Aa Jaaye and others, from the beginning associated with the world of the theater, and now his interest is in the same field.


Shagufta Ejaz

She was born in Gujrat on May 6, 1969. She rise from the beginning in Pakistan showbiz business. Started career from drama Jaangloos serial stepped into the world of TV and the ‘Aanch’ reached the height of fame, Perchaayan, Jeena To Yehe Hai, Aansu, Chaand Aur Chanda, Hum Se Juda Na Hona. She have not separated and worked in other dramas. Still she are featured in numerous dramas and characters as well as the importance of maintaining the reactor.


Maria Wasti

Maria Wasti was born on Independence Day of 1980 in Dar es Salaam, capital of Tanzania, Maria Wasti eye-opener to the world of TV is connected to the third decade of his reputation as an actor or the character is assumed that no reduction. Her parents wanted to make her doctober, but she returned to acting and a long play center in the nineties in Lahore. Her first Pakistani drama was ‘Sara and Amara’.

However Bano Qudsia fame wrote the play ‘Qudsia’ after which met regularly come in many memorable performances, including its consolidated Moorat, Kabhi Kabhi, Boota from Toba Tek Singh, Neend, Bulandio Per Basera, Kaali Aankhen, Aashiana, Aurat Ka Ghar Konsa, Dhadkan or Ehsaas and Raamchand Pakistani internationally renowned as if she had worked in the film.


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