Top 20 Hollywood Celebrity Beauty Tips


8. Kate Winslet
In her 20s, Kate’s skin was blotchy and inflamed. Now her complexion is clear and bright. To keep her skin free of future blotchiness. Kate most likely takes care of her fair skin with daily SPF protection.

Hollywood Sexiest Actress & Singer Kate Winslet Beauty Secrets

7. Zhang Ziyi
Sleep is essential to Zhang Ziyi. Her long flowing black hair and clear complexion can be traced back to getting enough sleep.

Actress & Model Zhang Ziyi Beauty Secrets

6. Heidi Klum
Project Runway host always looks radiant and fresh. She says it’s better to have little meat than being too thin.

Model/Actress & Fashion Designer Heidi Klum Beauty Secrets

5. Robert Pattinson
The hunky Twilight star. Edward Cullen, has flawless skin and perfectly tousled hair.

Hollywood Actor/Model & Musician Robert Pattinson Beauty Secrets


  1. I like Scarlett Johansson Beauty Tip. Scarlett said that she never goes to bed with make-up on and loves Cetaphil cleanser.


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