This Filler Claims To Cure Acne Scars—But Is It Legit?


If a filler that claims to cure all your horrid and beauty-defying acne scars and mark, but it feels a lot like inserting plexiglass inside your skin, would you try it?

Cosmetic science has revealed that there is still hope to get rid of the awful scarring that results from acne, and if you’ve given up all hope, here’s something that can help you see the silver lining. We couldn’t help but be excited upon hearing all the benefits associated with Bellafill, an innovative new filler that can eliminate acne scars with long-term results, and the best part is, it is an FDA approved treatment to eliminate acne scars.

If you’ve have already put your skin underneath the excruciating knife-like pain of most popular acne scar elimination treatments, such as Fraxel laser and microneedling, you may have soon realized that while these treatments are effective at eliminating the tinier and shallower scars, they very little to eliminate the bigger and deeper scars that tend to roll beneath your skin.

Bellafill Filler to Cure Acne Scars
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The fact that Bellafill is designed to target and eliminate these agonisingly big scars makes it much more attractive and more permanent solution to get rid of acne scarring. But is this really true or the claims are just too-good-to-be-true, in order to deduce the final truth, we decide to conduct an investigational research into how Bellafill really works.

How Does Bellafill Really Work?

Basically, Bellafill is very similar to the other dermal fillers, and it is initiated by injecting a particular substance inside the acne scar depression, using a tiny needle that will fill up the entire space. Bellafill contains a blend of acrylic and collagen, while most other dermal filler brands use harsh ingredients, such as calcium hydroxylapatite, hyaluronic acid, and polylactic acid amongst others.

Indeed, when compared with other dermal fillers, the most striking aspects that differentiates Bellafill from the rest is the fact that it leaves behind permanent results of acne scar elimination. Most of the dermatologists and cosmetic experts we approached agreed on the fact that the results of Bellafill will last for at least five years, and perhaps, even more, if you take care of your skin with a strong beauty care regime.

According to the official narrative of Bellafill, the results of this product are guaranteed to last for about one year if you’re only treating acne scars, and if you’re treating acne scars, nasolabial folds and smile lines, the results will last for up till five years. However, when closely examined, all these facts place Bellafill in the category of a semi-permanent rather than a permanent solution, don’t they?

When we started approaching dermatologists and examining the research put forward by cosmetic experts to inquire about the benefits of Bellafill, we were surprised to come across expert opinions that were simply against the notion of using permanent or even semi-permanent fillers.

Research reveals that most experts are strongly against the idea of getting permanent dermal fillers because in case of complications, there is very little you can do to remedy a permanent filler gone wrong. You see, as we tend to age, our skin begins to sag and the appearance of our face undergoes change. Permanent fillers don’t undergo this natural change, which makes them look artificial and fake.

However, it is also essential to take into consideration the fact that Bellafill has won the approval of the FDA after a series of long and diligent process of testing. But before you make the final decision of choosing any given cosmetic procedure or dermal filler, there are some very important factors and questions that you need to consider.

Let’s take a look at all the considerations you need to take into account before putting your skin under the needle of Bellafill:

The Type & Severity of your Acne Scars

First and foremost, it is imperative to consider the type and intensity of your acne scars to determine the best course of treatment to eliminate them. Most experts and specialists who chose this treatment are not quick to recommend this to everyone, because not every single patient can enjoy the same benefits from Bellafill.

Only if you have acne scars that are rolling, which basically means scars that feature a depression in the surrounding skin due to a wave of collagen being disrupted by the scars, only then, you can enjoy the benefits of Bellafill. Keep in mind that Bellafill is not a solution designed to treat any other kinds of scars except the rolling scars.

Understanding & Accepting the Risks

Research reveals that the formula of Bellafill contains 80% bovine collagen gel, and 20% of PMMA, short for polymethylmethacrylate, a particular kind of acrylic that is used for medical purposes, and more commonly referred to as plexiglass. Basically, the spheres of PMMA add a seamless structure to the skin where the skin’s own natural collage is supposed to build and grow, so basically, this allows the collagen to grow and develop in the skin surrounding your scar, which will naturally lift up the depression that scar has caused within your face.

Experts criticise the fact that the use of synthetic fillers, such as Bellafill, tend to expose the skin to certain compounds and substances that are unnatural and this can lead to harmful allergic reactions and infections. In several cases, these synthetic fillers can cause severe inflammation that manifests itself in the form of draining cysts and dangerous red welts that can serious disfiguration to the skin. Moreover, this inflammation can also trigger the growth of redness, bruises, scars, infections and lumps, amongst other rare problems, such as blindness.

The previous brand name for endorsing Bellafill was Artefill, and it garnered some shockingly painful and scary reviews. Certain patients who had Artefill injected into their face experienced the growth of disfiguring hard lumps and nodules that needed to be surgically eliminated.

Therefore, before you undertake the final decision to get Bellafill injected into your face, it is highly recommended to undergo all the relevant skin tests required for Bellafill. If you decide to get Bellafill, be sure to undertake all the relevant skin tests to identify the possibility of an allergic reaction, and this is a standard practice that must be followed before undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure, regardless of whether your skin is highly allergy-prone or sensitive.

Making the Permanent Commitment

It is important to note that the results of Bellafill tend to last much longer than those of most other dermal fillers designed to treat acne scars, nearly five years as opposed to the short-term 6-month period of other popular hyaluronic fillers, such as Restylane. While you may see this as a benefit, it can get extremely challenging and agonising if the results turn out to be negative and you feel the need to urgently remove it.

Experts state that granuloma, a highly prevalent response to an infection caused by fillers and injected cosmetic procedures that manifests itself in the form of hard bumps, tends to be excruciatingly painful and there is no way to eliminate it except surgically eliminating the filler from your face. In such a case, steroid injections may be a liable solution, but there is certainly no speedy solution to help you get rid of the pain and the ugliness they will manifest on your face.

Dietary Restrictions

Due to its dietary restrictions, Bellafill is certainly not a good option for those who are hardcore vegetarians. You see, the collagen formula present in Bellafill is derived from bovine sources, which is a challenging problem for most vegan patients, and many vegan skincare experts avoid using this filler in their treatments. Presently, there are no other collage fillers that are also FDA approved for individuals who have dietary restrictions. If you are a vegetarian, you should probably consider a synthetic hyaluronic filler.

Alternatives & Options

Keep in mind that there are plenty of filler alternatives aside from Bellafill and you must do your research well to explore all your best options. Experts usually recommend the use of natural fillers that are already present within the skin, which includes substances that all belong in the native surface of your skin and face. This mainly includes natural substances, such as fat transfer, lactic acid or sculptra, and hyaluronic acid.

Most popular hyaluronic acid fillers, like Restylane and Juvederm, are a much healthier and beneficial alternative to synthetic fillers and cosmetic procedures like Bellafill. You may not be able to enjoy the results for a long period of time, but on the bright side, if there is a reaction or a complication, you can eliminate it easily and quickly. And the safety and beauty of your skin is much more important and essential than short-lived beauty ideals and cosmetic convenience.

Be sure to analyse and examine all these factors before you make your final choice, and remember, the health and natural vitality of your skin simply cannot be gambled with.


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