The Greatest Star Wars Characters


28. Mace Windu

Mace Windu is a remarkable character and his purple lightsaber attracts a great deal of fascination despite its simplicity. In a completely different dimension of our idea of the world, a place where sophisticated next-gen weapon are the game, donating colours like red, blue and green, Mace Windu’s violet weapon allows him to stand out and garner all our love.

According to Samuel L. Jackson, the actor picked out this colour for himself, after requested George Lucas to tinge it with his favourite colour, just so he knew how to find himself on the screen during the Battle of Geonosis in the Attack of the Clones.

Mace Windu Greatest Star Wars Characters

27. Greedo

Despite having the shortest screen time in the series, this skinny lizard-like bounty hunter of a character has garnered a great deal of admiration. He gets killed after Han Solo shoots him through the table in the very first scene, but when Star Wars launched their first line of toys, his distinctive and unique non-human look soon became an absolute favourite amongst the kids. Not many know this, but Paul Bake, a former actor of Crossroads, an ITV soap, was the uncredited actor underneath the Greedo mask.

Greedo Greatest Star Wars Characters
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26. Jawa

The Jawas are incredibly intriguing and fascinating with their dark cloaks shrouding their faces, short heights that fall even below one metre, and their impossible-to-understand angry muttering make them a lot more exciting and charming than their Dagenham counterparts. Underneath all their vandalistic pursuits, they are charming and exciting, for their evil nature has a mischievous quality, thanks to the remarkable introduction giving to them after the Terrors of the Vader, and of course, the gallery of the Star Wars rogues.

The yellow glowing eyes of the Jawa have become a very public face over the years, they are the warrior division, a fierce race that resides in powerful fortresses lost deep within the desert to shield themselves against the attack of the Tusken Raiders. They added a fantastic comic touch to A New Hope, released in 1977.

Jawa Greatest Star Wars Characters
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25. C-3PO

Most people believe that Han Solo or Boba Fett are the two most iconic and remarkable characters from Star Wars, but if you appreciate those who have a kind heart and a low self-esteem, you simply can’t help but adore C-3PO. He is an incredibly intelligent individual, one who speaks over six million languages, and is extremely loyal, remember when he saved Artoo at the Jawa yard-sale, along with being very sensitive, and a tendency to utter the wrong things at the wrong time.

C-3PO Greatest Star Wars Characters
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However, this is a person who has a heart of gold, loyal enough to muster the courage to give up his circuits to save his wrecked friends. George Lucas managed to turn this lifeless robot in the most emotionally human character in the entire Star Wars series.


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