The Greatest Star Wars Characters


The Star Wars Saga is without doubt the most popular and famous science fiction series in the history of cinema, a tale that engrosses us all with its mystics and mysteries of the Star Wars Galaxy. An underpopulated galaxy with bounty hunters, kingdoms, scheming politicians and military generals, lightsaber duels, Gungans, adorable droids and a lot more.

While some of us root for Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia with her slave-bikini, fans of Han Solo always outnumber all others, and some even prefer the malevolent evil-coolness of Darth Vader above all.

All the characters of Star Wars are a powerful players that add up to the mystery and depth of the story, and while we all have our ultimate favourites, some characters like, Wicket the ewok, Master Yoda and Admiral Ackbar are too amazing to ignore.

In this list, we will rank all the best characters of the Star Wars Saga, here, take a look:

30. K-2SO

The very first spin-off of the Star Wars series introduced us to several new characters, and Alan Tudyk’s towering 7’1 height made him noticeable enough to stand out from the crowd and amass a large fan following. Kaytoo is stronger and tougher than C-3PO, and his battle tactics and strategy is much more powerful then R2-D2, for he was reprogrammed from his Imperial genes.

However, his tactless strategy gave way to the most remarkable scenes in Rogue One. He has a cold and calculatingly ration blame, and his blunt straight-forward nature lead him to the most courageous and emotionally wrecking falls of the series.

29. Admiral Ackbar

There are multiple reasons why we adore the character of Admiral Ackbar, and his amazing portrayal allows us to completely wave away the pretty obvious and daunting fact that the attack fleet of the leader of the Rebel Alliance resembles the baby of a little fish and some other obnoxious sea creature.

His horrid show of cowardice at the Battle of Endor certainly bring him shame, but the moment he uttered the words: ‘It’s a trap!’ everything changed. Ackbar, also known as Timothy J. Rose, the puppeteer, shouted at these three words when the fleet emerged out of hyperspace during the ending scenes of the Return of the Jedi, and these three words worked wonders at giving his character an iconic presence.

Admiral Ackbar Greatest Star Wars Characters
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