Shah Rukh Khan Duplicate Pershant Walde


People are getting benefits if their face resemble with any celebrity. If someone face totally looks like big celebrity like then he can earn billions just because of personality.

British broadcaster the Indian state of Maharashtra, Nagpur was a man who not only looks Shah Rukh Khan, but it is also a source of income. One of the first to Prashant Walde face looking like Shah Rukh Khan, it could be deceived.

Pershant Walde said Shah Rukh Khan in 4 months I like to walk, sleep, cry and learned to laugh, I even Shah Rukh Khan appear in dreams, then I venture to take acting seriously at this point I decided that I commercials used as dummy King Khan and Shah Rukh Khan to shoot it when the final is called, which requires a long shot Shah Rukh Khan’s face clearly is not necessary, I recalled, when Shah Rukh also show the back of the body and they are not available at the time services are mine, Shah Rukh Khan looking face Pershant Walde earn 25 thousand daily and if I do whole month then I will earn up to Rs 7 lakh, sometimes I’ll also earn money through shows abroad.

Shahrukh Khan Duplicate Pershant Walde

Shahrukh Khan Same Face Pershant Walde

Farah Khan is very popular, and then directed the film ‘Om Shanti Om’, and Pershant have chosen through the audition, during the shooting of the film Shah Rukh Khan was my first meeting. When Shah Rukh Khan come for the shooting, he must ask about the shooting of Pershat Walde.


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