Proven Health Benefits and Usage of Coconut Oil


It is well known fact that coconut oil has a lot of advantages and it usually applied to the hair scalp and skin. The benefits of that is reduction in dandruff, repair of damaged hair, softness of skin, usage as an anti-aging product to name a few external benefits of using this oil. The trend these days is beginning to differ, people are more aware of the benefits of consuming coconut oil. The first thing that comes to the mind is that how can we consume it because of its taste and texture, because it is not a typical dose of your peanut butter or any other supplement, some people may have a hard time consuming it in the first place. In this article we would first be discussing the benefits of coconut oil and the way it can be consumed in different ways.

First coming to the benefits, Consumption helps in reducing and reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease, helps increase mental clarity as help as boosting the metabolism of the body, Other than that it helps in storing energy in the body, giving you a boost when you need it as well as reduce the sugar cravings, more benefits are that it absorbs the essential nutrients in the body, mainly calcium which helps you in getting stronger bones. Other health benefits include reduction in PMS and mood swings and in the process help in controlling the cholesterol levels.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

The benefits sound appealing and who doesn’t want a healthy prosperous life, but some people cannot bear the taste of it, for them we would be discussing the possible ways to make its consumption bearable, noting that you don’t have to take a large quantity and even two table spoons are enough for a day. The best way is to consume it in oatmeal, the regular serving with this addition would make your breakfast better as well as provide you with the healthy start to the day. Putting a table spoon in your favorite drink is the next best option. If you like a smoothie you can add a table spoon of it to enhance to taste or to just bear drinking it for the health benefits.

How To Eat Coconut Oil


You can prepare your breakfast of eggs and omelets in butter oil rather than butter, what this would do is act as a non-sticking agent as well, if you don’t have a non-stick pan then this is the solution, you wouldn’t have to worry about the eggs getting burnt like you have to with butter.


Putting one table spoon of coconut oil in boiling water before putting pasta in is a great way to enhance its flavors and to add nutrition to the meal. Other than that the pasta wouldn’t stick together and the meal would both look and taste great as well as being healthy.

Baked Potato

Using coconut oil rather than butter in baked potatoes is also a way to consume the product, be it using it simply or add your favorite topping as per the way you deem appropriate.

There is no way you can deny what wonders coconut oil consumption can have in your life. In short you can replace the butter with coconut oil, it may sound like a hard change to make but one for the better. A healthier body and mind should always be the top priority and you have to sometimes make the tough decisions to be on the right track in terms of health and fitness. And once you get used to it you wouldn’t go back that’s for sure.


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