Priyanka Chopra is not my Godmother: Parineeti Chopra


The war is trending these days between Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra and his cousin Parineeti Chopra, and it is now slowly beginning to clear. Parineeti Chopra has been worked in 11 films in Bollywood, but Priyanka Chopra never comes any single day to promote his films openly.

While one of Priyanka Chopra comes out for her new relative actress Munira took an active part in promoting the films. Priyanka opely supports her in Bollywood films industry but she never comes to promote Parineeti Chopra that clears the conflicts between two cousin actresses Parineeti Chopra and Priyanka Chopra.

Few days before, Priyanka Chopra during the film’s promotional campaign said, “My sisters (and Munira Chopra) I am godmother and whenever they need in Bollywood would be with them.”

She also said that “My sisters name can take as much advantage. In the beginning I helped Parineeti chopra and now she is the star.”

However, in a statement Parineeti Chopra refuses to accept Priyanka Chopra as Godmother. Parineeti Chopra said during an event in Mumbai, Priyanka is my godmother. Aditya Chopra in the film I am asking. She also noted that his mentor is Aditya Chopra because the idea of bringing them as an actress, not someone else’s.

Parineeti Chopra Biography

Date of Birth : 22 October 1988
Place of Birth : Ambala, Haryana, India
Nationality : Indian
Ethnicity : Punjabi
Alma mater : Manchester Business School
Occupation : Actress and Model
Years active : 2011–present
Siblings: Shivang Chopra, Saraj Chopra
Parents: Reena Chopra, Pawan Chopra
Relatives : Priyanka Chopra (cousin), Meera Chopra (cousin)

Priyanka Chopra Biography

Date of Birth : 18 July 1982
Place of Birth : Jamshedpur, Bihar (now Jharkhand), India
Height: 1.69 m
Ethnicity : Punjabi
Occupation : Actress, Singer
Parents: Madhu Chopra, Ashok Chopra
Albums: Exotic (Remixes)
Years active : 2000–present
Relatives : Parineeti Chopra (cousin), Meera Chopra (cousin)


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