The Pop Princess: Nazia Hassan


The Queen of Pop, Nazia Hassan has mesmerized her countrymen and global audiences alike. Born on April 03, 1964, Nazia Hassan reached to fame in very young age but the superstar did not live long enough to cherish the love and appreciation of her fans. She died at the mere age of 36 on August 13, 2000. However her music is still widely listened and her fame is ever growing.
Hassan’s debut album, Disco Deewane (1981), also charted in fourteen countries worldwide and became the best-selling Asian pop record up until that time. She, along with her brother Zohaib Hassan, went on to sell over 60 million records worldwide.

Pop Singer Nazia Hassan Pics

The young singer was the first Pakistani to win a Filmfare Award and remains the youngest winner of a Filmfare Award in the category of Best Female Playback Singer to date when she was 15. Hassan is a recipient of the Pride of Performance, Double Platinum Award and Golden Discs Awards.

Hassan fought a long and brave battle with cancer during the last years of her short life and died of lung cancer in London.

Pakistan’s vibrant contemporary music scene owes itself to Nazia Hassan’s redefinition of pop. Hassan also had a seismic impact in India. India Today magazine voted her as one of the top 50 people who helped change the face of India. She has contributed to the development of the present isomorphic of Bollywood music and pop. After the huge success of their music, Nazia and Zoheb were signed by EMI Group and were the first South Asian singers to be signed by an international music company.

She used her abilities to promote social causes. All the money earned from music was spent on charity. She specially worked for children, youth and women in distress residing in the underprivileged areas of Karachi.

She is known as the Sweetheart of Pakistan. Hassan is still the symbol of grace, sacred beauty and innocence and is frequently compared to Princess Diana, as she was known to possess a heart of gold.


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