Pakistani Dramas Most Talented Directors


Magic of Pakistani dramas have always kept the people and when people are talking about plays, actors, actresses tend to forget the directors. Here is the list of Pakistani dramas most talented directors.

Shoaib Mansoor

Who can deny the potential of Shoaib Mansoor, Pakistan Television in 1980 after starting his career, Shoaib Mansoor, who still worked great every work can not be forgotten. Whether it be drama, comedy sketches, songs, documentaries or classic status they are now, when they were awarded with distinction.

Shoaib Mansoor fame in the 1980s comedy series “Fifty Fifty” obtained from the 1982 classic play ‘untold’ instructions as they become the director of the drama, but his dramas PTV Alpha Bravo Golden Days and Charlie still alive in the minds of people, after they retire from TV movies such as turning and speaking to God has directed superhit films.


Sahira Kazmi

She later became a permanent employee of PTV Karachi and began to work as a producer, director, and at this moment the moon, the sun, the shore, the sound, the daughter of Eve, salvation and Zeb Nisa developed such memorable plays, but sunshine coast to the best work of his career is described.

His last known act was dressed Nisa. She conducted several long-term direct plays Rosie, is noteworthy for several years, people still remember.


Nusrat Thakur

Nusrat Thakur circumstance reputation of leading TV producer, PTV dramas of history, one of the most memorable ‘Waaris’ was. Which caused the shock of his tenure was placed. And they still think the country dear evergreen shown in this play is still having problems.

Apart from the time they inherit, slave circulation, thirst, desire and the dinner theater, television, rail and letters directed to November 2009, however, the leading producer of the world had succumbed.


Shahzad Khalil

Came to prominence at the height of the PTV was delivered because it is considered one of the most memorable plays. Do to this area after he pushed himself in the position of points, but unfortunately he died in 1988, Shahzad Badar Khalil husband was actor.


Rashid Dar

Pakistan are a few of the best drama directors names that immediately comes to mind is that of Rashid Dar, who was undoubtedly one of the best in its field.

Classic PTV dramas gold background gold and silver as the director of two simple people through the complexities and challenges of urban life presented in the style of humor that was unique. Also can be seen as the most successful serial. Apart from these two classic plays Rashid Dar also offered many memorable plays the river, Peg fall, walk like a bargain, betrayal, desire, dust, and the distance of the route are remarkable impressions are still imprinted in the minds.


Qasim Jalali

Qasim Jalali PTV classic era leading director and producer whose names are linked to the numerous hit serials. His career began in 1974 with the hit serial prsy air, the candles gave him the reputation of being the most successful serial Tipu Sultan, which successfully established new records. The common black ant, arush, respectful bamlahzh smart and others are shown with stars in their career.


Mohammad Nisar Hussain

In 1964, he launched the public television PTV joined the drama Diary of Bano was also directed at them, I love them the most popular drama serials and fiction, surprise Tools, fort and other stories are numerous.


Ayub Khawar

He worked with all of Pakistan’s most popular actors with whom he plays most like Khawaja and listen, pressure, day, and broker, denial, poor city, Qasmi story, the story of half a century and included the story home. After separation from the PTV in the new production and continuing to play a popular serial Gulzar story was aired on ARY.


Iqbal Ansari

PTV in 1970 after signing Iqbal Ansari, quiz shows and children’s programs at the beginning, and then the height of the plays and get directions from.


Kazim Pasha

Kazim Pasha from Karachi PTV is popular director as writer and producer who won. Their names are listed as a director of plays to lose dozens of hits jangles however not possible, shade, surrendered, net, night, sand and wind, market confusion, attractive, atonement, veil, before dusk, the sky and the other slightly include actor and host Nida Kazim Pasha is the daughter.


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