Mehwish Hayat: A Perfect Pakistani Actress & Model


Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat recently wears bikini in olive green skirt, displaying tattoo on his back with belly dance and big bang on the big screen with the given entry. A hot tin roof are dropping the energy and power of dance scene in the film Na Maloom Afraad Item song Billi, the song has forced people into raging blood and actor exclusive interview has several interesting discoveries.

Mehwish Hayat said, After the release of Na Maloom Afraad, go wherever I have to listen to people’s slogans, “Billy, Billy, Billy” it means that she appreciated and liked my character, I see it made. Of course I think it is important and that is why I accepted the offer, Na Maloom Afraad producer and director Nabeel Qureshi, Ali Mirza had approached for the role of Billy the item number in the film. Salman Shahid had guest roles, listen to this song was composed by the Kaami and Shani and looked out her choreographer, I accepted the offer and now you can see her magic on the big screen.

I worked with the light commercial telecom and seemed decent choreography for today’s advertising needs. Movies are always fun and entertainment to captivate the hearts of those who see it, Na Maloom Afraad has shown that the best story with good humor and cinematic photography are essential elements of any successful film and Item number, a cake perched on vitamins wok.

Mehwish Hayat began his career as a model, and then establishes themselves as actors, etc. The on-screen or on the red carpet fashion based on the best costumes are known, he is someone who definitely style but movies are familiar with his style is perfect for the item song.

Atmosphere are a talented and creative woman, after several meetings with them I was convinced that they understand the concerns me as a woman, after seeing the final product, the cat that I know I had made the right decision, make-up artist Akif Ilyas this song is my good friend, glamorous made me much more confident and I felt myself, Mehwish Hayat said.

Thought to be tattooed on the back of their choice?

It was a temporary tattoo that was part of the personality.

Today, most Pakistanis who won the showbiz stars Bollywood’s next step is to turn to, the following day I took the job, but if it delays the question on foreign soil cares about the future are quite positive.

Mehwish Hayat said: I still am enjoying the popularity of Anne Ma, I would think about it at the time, but I always wanted to make her debut in Pakistan and I am very happy that I managed unidentified was, is now open canvas, to see what happens. Pakistani cinema has already been on your feet and speaks as evidence that the success of different movies, war and people are still unknown, this time going through the stages of more than fifty films, and I can say restoration of Pakistani cinema has begun and is moving in the right direction. In your home to spend time with family, music organizing and taking care of your pet as well as being on vacation with my family and friends, and I believe that it’s best to keep himself calm your nerves and the only way.


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