Masala TV Host Kiran Khan Wedding & Husband Pictures


Pakistani sweet smiling celebrity Kiran Khan married few days before. Kiran Khan is one of the best Pakistani actress, model and Masala TV cooking show host. Kiran Khan is an illustrious Pakistani celebrity who gained recognition and prominence in Pakistan showbiz industry in a very short period of time. She has worked for many Televisions channel, such as Geo Televisions, Indus Televisions, ARY Televisions, TV One and Hum Televisions. But Kiran Khan was through his cooking show in Masala TV ‘Lively Weekend’ gets fame and hosting space in the heart of the Pakistani audience.

Let’s have a look on Masala Television Host Kiran Khan Wedding Pictures:-

As we all know, this is Kiran Khan’s second wedding. Kiran Khan was divorced from her first husband after the three years of marriage due to some misconstructions. Kiran has two beautiful children from her first husband, and now she has been married few months before.

There were from a few well-known Pakistani entertainment industry celebrities, close friends, Masala TV chefs and relatives in Kiran Khan Marriage ceremony. Celebrities makes this beautiful day more memorable and fun filling. Kiran Khan is very dedicated to perform its duties, she went back to work quickly. Kiran attended the Nida Yasir morning show with her husband shortly after her marriage.


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