Maryam Nawaz Sharif Daughter Wedding Pictures


Few years back, there was no concept of sharing private pictures with public. But that is not true these days as now people have access to the personal pictures of all celebrities. Internet has provided this opportunity to these individuals for knowing about the happenings in the life of their favorite celebrities. Social media websites and private channels are now available on which anyone can share personal pictures with the public. Today, I will share the details and pictures of Nawaz Sharif’s granddaughter wedding.

Nawaz Sharif is in the field of politics from past several years. He has occupied a distinguished position in this field by means of his commitment and passion. At the present time, Nawaz Sharif is the Prime Minister of Pakistan. One news is very common these days and that is the wedding festive of Nawaz’s granddaughter. Name of his granddaughter is Mehr-un-Nisa Safdar. She is the daughter of Maryam Nawaz who is also a well-known politician.

Marium Nawaz Daughter Wedding Pics

Nikkah ceremony of Mehr-un-Nisa was held in 2014 at Masjid-ul-Nabvi, however her rukhsati took place on Friday in Lahore. Several political persons and ministers of Pakistan and other foreign countries also attended the grand wedding of Mehr-un-Nisa. She got wedded with Raheel Munir, the son of a prominent businessman Chaudhry Munir. Nearly 1500 individuals have attended this marriage festive including the family, friends, industrialists, showbiz celebrities and bureaucrats.

Marium Nawaz Daughter Wedding Pics

The wedding of Mehr-un-Nisa was compliant with law as there was just 1 dish in it and the ceremony was finished at 10 p.m. Different news channels and newspapers have also given coverage to this grand ceremony. Mehr was looking pretty on her red color wedding dress and the couple got a lot of blessings from their beloved ones. Now I am sharing the marriage pictures of Mehr-un-Nisa and Raheel Munir along with their family members.


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