Makeup Mistakes of Hollywood Actresses


Being a public figure is surely a sign of proud and honour as it is a prestigious status everyone wishes to have. Where it is a symbol of pleasure, there are several aspects of this that you have to do lot of efforts in order to maintain your status and reputation in public. Sometimes, few blunders have also been done while maintaining our personality, dressing or any appearance stuff. Most common mistake which most of the celebrities have to face is the makeup mistakes.

Here is a comprehensive description of what they do and what it results in.

Inequitable Base Foundation

Foundation is what provides you a basic ground for an attractive make over. Mostly it has been seen that the foundation have totally been mismatched with the color scheme of the makeup. The experts say that you should refine the foundation’s shade with the help of a brush so that it could be rightly matched according to the circumstances and don’t give awkward look.

Demi Lovato Beauty Tips
Demi Lovato: Mismatched Foundation

Chunky Eyelashes

Choosing exact scheme for eyelashes and mascara is very much important. Actually if you use eyelashes without paying full attention towards their quality, they may present a fake look to your eyes. All you have to do in order to overcome these flaws is to apply only two coats of mascara and try to avoid using lash thickener.

Kim Kardashian Beauty Tips
Kim Kardashian: Clumpy Eyelashes

Excessive Eye Shadow Usage

Using too much eye shadow can be dreadful for your beauty. Try not to commit this mistake as it gives an extra and non-necessary glowing look to your eyes which is really not good for your beauty scheme. So, try to avoid this in order to keep your makeup decent and cute.

Eva Longoria Beauty Tips
Eva Longoria: Using Too Much Eye Shadow

Lips Liner Usage

Mostly it is not considered to be that much important as it is actually. The problem which is commonly noticed is that the specific linear path of lips is not followed while applying lips liner and as a result the entire facial beauty goes in hell. So, you have got to be extra careful while doing this. Don’t let the line go off road in order to avoid any misconduct.

Rebecca Romijn Beauty Tips
Rebecca Romijn: Obvious Lip Liner Fail


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