Mahira Khan love to work in Bollywood movies


Pakistani drama ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ and the recent ‘Hamsafar’ of Indian television Zee Zindagi on the Pakistani side of the border has increased the number of fans, artists, Fawad Khan of Bollywood gorgeous debut by having and now the people on the conditions that have yet to be cleared Mahira Khan when Mumbai’s film industry touch.

Mahira Khan recently, Humsafar from Indian fans was talking to Times of India fans were jubilant enthusiastic response. She was amazing, she have recently joined Twitter and pleasant experience, she have encountered since the last day she was in a mall and meet people showed up for me.

Mahira on his Twitter account during his time spent in India, thanks to the fans love is expressed. She said: #humsafar tha, #humsafar hai.. Aur hamesha rahey ga. Bahot saara pyar, meray doston ke liye, sarhad ke uss paar. Thank you for all the lovex.

Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan in India

Speaking to The Times of India, Mahira Bollywood movies and talk about their favorite stars, they are much more advanced, our industry is still emerging, fifty and sixties I love the black and white movies including the ‘Piyaasa’ and Dilip Kumar’s ‘Taraana’, including Shahrukh Khan’s movies are my favorites, when she was a teenager at the time, the heart will take the bride’ look, which made me so possessed that made him breakfast, lunch and dinner during the watch.

When asked when they debut in Bollywood was doing and he replied, she would like to do, but are not working in a Hindi film, there are rumors that a movie Ranveer Singh having trouble with, but he is not right. Attractive twenty-nine-year-old actress during a press conference in Mumbai telecom circle and mentions those with whom they wish to work. Lot of young people like me who are great actors Ranbir Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan are my favorites and if you talk to the director and giant Imtiaz Ali and Vishaal Bhardwaj name will do. Mahira Khan plays despite having a wife and mother from work did not affect their lives.

Mahira Khan said: I am lucky that I was offered a good job and I maintained a balance between work and personal life, and family friendly atmosphere of our industry in Pakistan cinema business is still considered art.


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