Kylie Jenner’s Getting Her Own Reality Show ‘Life Of Kylie’


Once again, Kylie Jenner proved that she’s the biggest star in the Kardashian family, and she’s delighting us with a spinoff show from ‘Keeping up With the Kardashians’ that will be centered exclusively around her life.

Time and again, Kylie has proven herself as the smartest and the glamorous of all the Kardashian family members, and at the age of 19, she has encompassed a staggering amount of professional success. Now, she’s getting her very own reality show, named The Life of Kylie. This show will open up a window into how Kylie creates a harmonious balance between her personal life, social life and her professional responsibilities. Even though no episodes or trailers have materialized at yet, we are told that shooting is about to start “imminently”.

Finally, we will all get to see how this glamorous diva manages her demanding social life, which involves hanging out with all her best friends that we get to feast eyes on Kylie’s Snapchat and Instagram, with her professional responsibilities, primarily her illustrious cosmetics line. And the best part is, regardless of their recent breakup, Tyga, her love-hate boyfriend, will also be spotted in the show.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Dating Pics

Reports revealed that the show will take us to all the glamorous photo-shoots and of course, the vibrant LA nightlife of which Kylie Jenner happens to be a darling. Her sisters will always be seen making short guest appearances, but the show will be all about Kylie and her life. A source revealed that Kylie wants to rise way high above her famous sister, Kim Kardashian, and she often feels that her family steals the limelight away from her.

Kylie Jenner for Puma Photoshoot
Image Courtesy of Puma/Instagram

We’re super excited to catch this show that will tell us all about Kylie’s super glamorous life. Let’s admit it, we all hate the fact that the drama-packed Keeping up with Kardashians doesn’t allow much airtime to Kylie, and we hate that. But now that we have an entire hour to watch Kylie get on with her day, we couldn’t ask for anything more.

After all, why shouldn’t Kylie have very own show when KWTK has given birth to countless other spinoffs, such as I Am Cait, Khloe & Lamar, Kourtney and Kim Take New York and many others.


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