Khloe Kardashian Had Plastic Surgery? Find Out Who Gave Her ‘The Best Nose Job’


To look beautiful and glamorous is not only demand but also need of celebrities. For this purpose they have to undergo many treatments. This treatment may be a Plastic surgery. Now a days the famous celebrity Khole Kardashian is looking something different.

Yes, you are right Khole Kardashian is looking quite different while taking to her nose. Is this Plastic surgery? Is she undergone some Plastic treatment? Well, the real reason behind her nose job will surprise you and you will be shocked to know the reality.

Actually Khole Kardashian has not undergone a surgical treatment for her nose. She has been getting a nose job from her long-time makeup artist. Her makeup artist, Joyce Bonelli has done this magic. This is the magic of her powerful contouring which realizes everybody that Khole has undergone a surgical treatment.

Khloé Kardashian's Plastic Surgery-Best Nose Job Pics
Courtesy of Instagram

No Doubt Joyce Bonelli is expert in her field and the cuts she gives make us sure that her clients get plastic surgery. Joyce Bonelli itself admits the perfect glam beauty looks of Khole and it is amazing.

Joyce has been doing the nose job of Khole for eight years. It is not any surgical treatment actually, it is transformational makeup. But we should admit one thing through this transformational makeup that you don’t need to go under the knife to actually get a nose job.

Khloé Kardashian's Plastic Surgery-Best Nose Job Pics


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