Kareena Kapoor Beauty Secrets, Diet & Fitness Tips


Every women and girls have to follow celebrity beauty secrets to stay update about fashion and lifestyle. They notice what celebrity wears like dresses, shoes, watch etc. What celebrity carry like handbags, clutches etc. How celebrity makeup and hairstyles looks well. And try to adopt celebrity fashion in their lifestyle.

Today we are sharing India’s most famous and beautiful actress Kareena Kapoor Beauty Secrets. How she looks so sexy in the movies, Kareena hairstyles, Kareena makeup routine, Kareena skin care tips and fitness plan.

In an interview with world’s biggest celebrity website portal HBL Celebrities, Kareena Kapoor reveals her beauty secrets for all those women who wishes a zero fiture and charming beauty like her. Read below here Kareena Kapoor Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets.

Kareena Kapoor Fitness and Beauty Secrets

Kareena Kapoor Interview & Beauty Secrets

Kareena Kapoor Makeup Tips

I wants look simple and wear no makeup in everyday life. For night I love to line around my eyes with black kohl. Furthermore, I love a smokey eye makeup look with Yuse St. Larent Brown eye pencil plus I curl my lashes with a lot of YSL Mascara. For lips I choose to use a pale pink lipstick.

Kareena Kapoor Diet Plan

I am a vegetarian and strongly suppose in eating plenty of green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek and broccoli. I usuaully eat healthy foods with a bunch of whole grains and I don’t cut down on carbs. I must eat after every two hours or sometimes after three hours. At night I frequently have some dishes of daal, vegetables, curd and roti or sometimes brown rice. I undertake to drink minimum ten to twelve glass of boiled water everyday.

Kareena Kapoor Fitness

I do Ashtanga and power yoga exercise for atleast an hour everyday.

Kareena Kapoor Hair Secrets

I love oiling everyday but it is difficult to apply so I do this once or twice a month, I try to oiling my hair with a combination of natural dry fruits like almond, caster, coconut and olive oil. I use Kerestase shampoo specifically for dry hair and follow it with a blow dry.

Kareena Kapoor Handbangs

I lovedesigner handbags for carry my makeup items like lipstick, Kohl pencil in black etc. I like stylish clutches, handbags with long straps and traditional embroidered handbags.

Kareena Kapoor Skin Care

I usually use Lancome face wash beacause it is best, you must try it atleast once. I try to keep away from creams because of the harmful chemical stuffings. In winters I use Clarins HydraQuench rich cream and on a beach I use Clarins sun screen. I don’t believe in facials.


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