Jennifer Lawrence’s Craziest Award Show Moments Caught On Camera


Jennifer Lawrence has to our most favourite, craziest and boldest celebrity, who is always delighting us with the most unexpected and downright hilarious moments. Even the glitz and glamour of the red carpet doesn’t stop her from being confident and being herself. Whether she’s falling down the stairs before accepting her Oscar award, or stepping over seats with a glass of wine in hand, there is truly never a dull moment when J. Law is in the house.

This extremely talented and beautiful 27-year old actress has always kept a high scoreboard of entertaining her fans on award shows, and one simply cannot enjoy an award ceremony without her hilarious presence. She makes falling down the stairs in front the entire industry seem like a moment that can be laughed about instead of being embarrassed, and she definitely gives us some clever tips while trolling her best friend, Emma Stone. Truly, she is the last person you’d call boring.

Jennifer Lawrence Craziest Award Show Pics

At the 90th Oscar Academy Awards, Jen certainly didn’t disappoint the internet with her usually hilarious disposition. We all had a massive laugh watching her climb over sheets in a heavily embellished couture dress and high heels, not to forget the glass of white wine she was holding. And later, she was seen trolling her best friend, Emma Stone.

As we all know the story, in 2017, Emma Stone’s Best Actress card announced La La Land mistakenly instead of Moonlight, and this year, Jimmy Kimmel made a joke about the lack of envelope mix-ups at the ceremony. Jen acted as the perfect best friend by laughing out at her best friend’s expense and pointing out at her, giving us all a good laugh.

Jennifer Lawrence Craziest Award Show Pics
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Later at the backstage, we saw Jen pretending to lick her best friend’s cleavage, and lucky for us, the cameras caught the moment so we could see the hilarious reactions by Judd Apatow and Emma feigning disgust at Jen’s antics. We are definitely sure that the three later snuck out to get another hefty serving of some white wine. After all, it takes a lot of spirits to make you that confidently hilarious, right?


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