Interview with Rap Artist Chad James Bka CJ


Is story telling in the rap industry gone. This is the question I asked myself before I had the pleasure of speaking with CJ. A Rising Rap Star in Augusta GA. I’ll have to admit when I first held the casting call for an aspiring rap Artist, I didn’t knwo what to expect and I wasn’t sure my crew and I would find what we were looking for. As the submission rolled in and I listened to track after track I found myself hearing somewhat of the same sound and style. It was like the club and landed right on top of my office and was there to Stay (Dont’t get me wrong, I LOVE THE CLUB! But it just wasn’t what we were looking for). Then I came to Mr. Chad James better known as CJ. Originally from Wichita falls Texas and currently residing in Augusta Georgia. The first thing that grabbed our attention with CJ was his back story. This man had been through somethings I could never imagine going through. To come out of what he had experienced we felt he had to have a story to tell through his music and we were ready to hear it.

Artist Chad James Biography & Interview

Track one Man in the Mirror is what set him apart from the others. It wasn’t the booty shaking, club popping tweak music we had listened to back to back, submission after submission and most importantly it made us want to hear more. CJ had ten other tracks we liked on a sixteen track lp Which Made him what we were looking for. Having more than one track that’s lovable, we feel is a true sign of a great artist. Having stories that the people can relate to is a true sign of success in the making. CJ started his rap career in 20013 recording his first track at Dark Corner Studios. Although he started in 2003 he stated that he didn’t really start taking things seriously until 2009. When asked what inspired his music he Stated

“I’ll have to say that life inspires my music, I’ve been through so much in the last 10 years, that I feel I have plenty to speak on for people to relate to me…. You know That’s what’s it all about. Having those people feel and understand where you coming from.”

When asked what artist if any influenced him he states

“I’d say that no rapper in particular influences me. I grew up in the 90’s when lyricism meant everything and I listened to everything from teh west cost of the east coast, But I did learn a lot from the greats like 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, Scar Face, Bun B, and the list goes on.”

We asked CJ what he thought set him apart from the other rappers in his local area or any other Down South rapper for that matter. His answer was as humble as the came….

“I think the only thing that sets us apart is our sound and markets, I mean we didn’t all grow up the same so the story and message of next next artist is going to be different from mine.. I may not agree with the overall message but if there is a market for them sell it, I can’t knock the next man ya dig.”

I have to say CJ has that drive, ambition and sound that is sure to take him far, Wait and see. And you are sure to hear it in his music. I loved the story he had to tell and have listened to all the tracks several times YES I let it ride LOL! I asked CJ what artist he would like to work with in the Future. Here’s the list in no particular order.. Paul wall, Joey Badass, Hopsin, Lloyd banks, Cyhi da Prince, Dizzy Wright, Kirko Bangz, and childish gambino.

CJ is looking for some additional guidance leading him into the path of distribution right now, rather than being signed.. He states: “I’d rather prove my worth first”.


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