Interview: Actor & Writer Ayub Khoso


He started his career from PTV Quetta centre; but gained popularity from his famous drama serial ‘Chaon’. Ayub has ruled the small screen for a long period of time. When talk about his acting skills he has the quality to glue the audience with the screen with his mesmerizing performance and excellent dialogue delivery. There is a long list of successful TV serials to his credit. He has been selected best actor by Pakistan TV & KTN TV. Ayub Khoso also proved his mettle in telefilms and movies. He also performed in Shoaib Mansoor’s famous film ‘Khuda Ka Liya‘. He has good command over many languages like Balochi, Brahui, sindhi, Urdu and English. Khoso is not just a charismatic artiste but also a good writer. He has written many scripts. Nowadays he is working on Sindhi channels like KTN and Sindh TV> Currently, he is working on several projects. Besides his professional life, Khoso is also a good human being, who always takes are of the people. His heart beats with the people of his region. To do something tangible for the people of his land he is also active in politics and is associated with the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. In an exclusive interview with HBL Celebrities team he talks about his political aims and several ongoing projects in TV industry.

Ayub Khoso: Pakistani Actor & Writer

Q: You are taking lot of interest in politics. Was it because of general elections or has some other reasons behind it?

I am not new in politics rather I always had keen interest in it. My family and cousins have always been active in politics but I was not directly involved. Ideologically I have great affiliations with Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and this affiliation will remain in my heart forever. In 2008 general election I supported PPP in Baluchistan and Sindh whole heartedly even against the will of my some relatives. My support for PPP was because of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s vision for Pakistan and its all provinces. But unfortunately, in the last five years I faced disappointment because the government did nothing to change the lot of my people in Baluchistan and Jacobabad (Sindh) where I live. I wanted to build a hospital in Jacobabad for which I dedicated almost 10-acre piece of land on the bring of a main road and a school for the children but I could not fulfit these dreams because of callous attitude of political personalities. We all work in the leadership of Haji Lashkari Raisani who is a good leader and selfless man who always raised voice of the voiceless people of Baluchistan. But in the last five years he was unheard in his party (PPP). PML-N is the only party who talks about the strong federation and we believe that strong Baluchistan is the symbold of strong Pakistan so we joined PML-N.

Q: Your attachment with the PML-N is conditional or unconditional?

Yes our affiliation with the PML-N is conditional with the development of Baluchistan. We had been struggling for the uplift of Baluchi people and our effort for them will continue. Everyone knows that Mian Sahib have negotiated with many people in Baluchistan because he wanted to resettle all those in their areas and to bring them in the mainstream. Unfortunately, the previous government tried to handle these issues through those people who had no vision, in fact they were unaware about the real issues. My clear hint is towards Rehman Malik who has further aggravated the situation.

Q: Coming towards your profession, how do you see the television industry when the foreign plays are doing well in Pakistan?

There is a long story behind the fact that foreign plays are getting popularity in our country. In fact, our TV industry has deteriorated with the passage of time and it is mainly because of increasing number of private TV channels in the absence of proper check and balance. In this situation some channels bought some foreign plays in a nominal amount, dubbed those plays in Urdu and telecasted on the prime time. According to my information syrian and Lebanon plays are also coming in the market.

Q: Would please elaborate that how TV industry is deteriorating in our country?

Almost all the production houses and channels have moved to Karachi. They have made their own monopoly in everthing. There are no criteria of selecting stories, dress code etc. Plays on particular subject representing a particular class which are mostly inspired by the Indian plays are produced. Whereas in our country there are many languages and many cultures which have their own attraction and beauties. For exampla Baluchistan has different tribes who have their own culture and languages. Similar is the case with other provinces like Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit. But these production houses have ignored all the artistes living there and the topic covering the socio-cultural stories of these regions which PTV used to do. When an actor like me protested against this new trend, these channels and production houses gave no weightage to the protest. Resultantly all the professional writers and actors who were fit for socio-cultural plays could not adjust with the new trend and went on back footing. Old and experienced actors were denied with the excuse that it is the age of rating and they are not fit that. Now when the foreign plays are doing havoc with our TV industry and the situation is not suitable for production houses, they started to protest against it. I was also asked to join them in this protest but I refused to join them because I called spade a spade that it is the age of rating so let the people enjoy what they want to say. But broadly speaking I condemn these foreign plays and these should not be telecasted at least at the prime time.

Q: It is said that some of the Pakistani plays are very bold and dialogues are below the belt. What do you say about it?

Yes that is another point what I mean to say that our TV industry is deteriorating. I am unable to understand what PEMRA is doing when it is not keeping any check and balance. It is its duty to keep a vigilant eye on the subject of the plays, dress code, dialogues, how many actors, writers and production houses are unpaid etc. If PEMRA is not doing all this, then there should be an authority that should look into all these affairs. There should be some policies and before anything goes into production, it should be strictly observed that anything which is against our cultural norms and values should not go on air. There should also some limits for the western fashion showing in our plays. Saying all this does not mean I am conservative or narrow-minded, rather I want ot say that there is a wide range of stories and topic for our own plays.

Similarly, look how everything has become commercialized and even an artiste is considered as a commodity. If an actor is working for some A channel then the channel B will not give any news about that actor because he is working for channel A. But when you observe the neighboring country, India, it gives full coverage to its artistes, be it one’s birthday or something unfortunate happens to any actor. In short, we all should be honest in our affairs and do our best for the country and its people.

Q: Your most recent work at PTV?

My last work with the PTV was almost one and a half year ago.

Q: What do say about PTV? Is it still working as positively as it used to do in the past?

Legends are retired from PTV even though they could still work and the new-comers are not as professional. Organisation should run on professional lines. PTV is not producing good plays rather it also buys from outside. There used to be writing competition in PTV but now nepotism and corruption has become the other of the day.

Q: How can the situation be improved?

PTV needs a good leadership in form of a good Managing Director and Chairman. Secondly, people working there should do honesty to their organisation and to their profession.

Q: Which is your favorite own play in which you have performed?

I have done many good plays and almost all are my favorite. I am fortunate that all the plays in which I have performed were well-written and well-directed and I did my best in performance. Whenever I perform an character I try to dissolve my personality into that specific character. I often say to my friends that I love characters like a lover loved his beloved.

Q: Which actor you enjoyed most by working?

I had a very good chemistry with late Hassam Qazi. Whenever we were together on a set I could read his mind during the acting which always made him surprise when I shared with him after the performance.

Q: Any new project in the pipeline or working?

These days I am writing and recently I wrote a play for PTV which was a story of a shepherd. It was a telefilm which was appreciated by many. I also got best writer award for that script. After that I wrote two serials one of them is a story of a woman and its different roles in our society. It is based on a true story.


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