Humaima Malik signs another Indian Movie


Pakistani actress and model Humaima Malik probably shock wave ravaging the country once started work on a new project in Bollywood films industry.

Multi-financed by the name of the movie is the story and cast kept secret, music sounds of modern technology everything, usually appearing in film circles. Otherwise Humaima Malick performs different characters that country offered the Indian media have been in the news a lot since the Bollywood actors know about the film are contacting their particular sources.

Sources said that a well-known superstar of Bollywood movies will work opposite Humaima Malik. Bollywood film actress Humaima Malik is competing and yet pundits have predicted the film’s big business, will not provide any information because of agreement. That sounds big budget films made about the same time when the regular film shows embellish campaign is launched and for the surprise. Already the location of the film, the story, the music will know about the movie then sends been cinemas. In addition to acting with the actor I had to pay close attention to the dancing, Humaima Malik said.

In response to a question Humaima Malick, in Bollywood so I have signed numerous projects, but also movies as well as other projects in Pakistan I am working on. Recently, a mobile phone company has appointed me as brand ambassador. That is my achievements and awards continue to meet thanks to the prayers of my mother.

Humaima Malik Biography

Born : Quetta, Pakistan
Nationality : Pakistani
Occupation : Model, Actress
Years active : 2009 – present

Television Dramas

  • 2008 Mili Ali Ko Mili as Mili
  • 2009 Ishq Junoon Deewangi as Iqra
  • 2009 Barish Kay Ansoo as Mehreen
  • 2009 Tanveer Fatima (B.A) as Tanveer Fatima
  • 2010 Tair-e-Lahoti as Tahira
  • 2010 Aja Mai Tennu Pyar Kara as Zara
  • 2010 Talluq as Saba
  • 2011 Akbari Asghari as Asghari

Movies List

  • 2011 Bol as Zainub
  • 2013 Ishq Khuda as Rabia
  • 2014 Raja Natwarlal as Ziya


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