5 Homemade Products for the treatment of Acne & Pimples


Mostly young girls and boys face this problem of pimples and because of this they are so worried about how to remove it from their face. Pimples are the inflammation in the skin with which the glands of sebaceous become much infected along with the bacteria, also fill it with the pus and get swell. Mostly pimples occur on shoulder, back, face and neck and because of it young girl or boy feels depressed when going to any occasion.

For pimples there are numerous of medicine and lotion that remove the pimples from your face and other body part. It is a very long process if we use those products which are available in market but if we follow those natural methods which we made at home then it will take less time and you can get free from it in a short span of time. I would tell you some simple tips to get rid acne scars or pimples and getting .

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Homemade Products for Acne and Pimples

1.   Honey

With the help of honey you can definitely get free from pimples. For a very quick result, apply some honey over the pimples and leave it for one hour until it become dry. After that rinse it with normal water and dry your face with soft towel or napkin. Honey is a character of the anti-infection that executes germs which is the main cause of pimples.

2.   Ice

Ice is very useful for the pimples to reduce inflammation, redness and swelling of pimples. Ice helps to improve the circulation of blood on the affected areas of face as well as remove dirt from face and tight the pores from the skin. Anyone can use the crushed ice or even use ice cube and it’s up to you which is more convenient to you. You can use this process two times a day for best result.

3.   Oil of Tea Tree

Oil of tea tree is useful and essential for treating pimples and acne. This oil has properties of antibacteria that fight against the bacteria because it is a main cause of pimples. Also the oil reduces inflammation and redness of the pimples plus helps in drying out the white and black heads. Using this you have to put some oil in a cup and dip the cotton in it and apply it on the pretentious area. Apply it for 15 minutes and wash it with water.

4.   Leaves of Basil

Extricated fluid from the leaves of basil as an alternative for reducing the pimples. First take some leaves of basil and soak it in the warm water at least. Before apply it on pimples, wash your face with a good soap and apply this liquid in to the face at night and go to sleep and in morning time wash your face with fresh water. You will feel better result. Use this process two times in a week.

5.   Lemon

The use of lemon is very good and with the use of it your face can get free from the pimples. As you know that lemon contains the Vitamin C. The juice of lemon helps in drying the pimples from your face very fast. Keep one thing in mind that uses the fresh juice of lemon instead of juice which is sealed in the bottle. For using this method, wash your face and dip cotton in to juice and apply it on pimples and go to bed. In morning, first wash your face with water and use this process daily for best result. One thing those who have sensitive type of skin they don’t use lemon on the pimples.


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