Gigi Hadid’s Sexiest Looks


Gigi Hadid is a dynamic and powerful supermodel, a woman who never fails to surprise us and delight us with her talent, determination, humbleness and work ethics. Not only has the she conquered the most prestigious runways of the globe, but she is also innovating the fashion and beauty industry with her exciting collaborations with Tommy Hilfiger and Maybelline.

Gigi not only stuns us with her mesmerizing looks on the runway, but she also dominates our news feeds with her excitingly glamorous model-off-duty style statements. Her California-style dressing and sunny cheerful disposition make a fabulous blend with her glamorous sense of style.

Gigi Hadid Stylish Looks

Sometimes, we see Gigi strutting down the streets of Los Angeles in insanely cool athleisure apparel paired with sexy Stuart Weitzman boots, and other times, she stuns us with her drop dead glamorous sequined gowns, crop tops and racy outfits. Needless to say, her style is the perfect combination of sporty, sexy, elegant and sharp.

Gigi Hadid Stylish Looks
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We all need to take some serious style notes here, for Gigi shows us the perfect way to flaunt voguish chicness without trying too hard. We’ve put together an exciting showcase of all her model-off-duty style statements so you can learn the art of mastering street style from the absolute best.

Gigi Hadid Stylish Looks
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Are you ready to feast eyes on the hottest street style statements of gorgeous Gigi Hadid?


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