Gauhar Khan slapped in public for wearing short dress


Model and female actress Gauhar Khan, a man in the audience during a show made up slap because she is wearing short dress. The incident occurred Sunday night when Gohar Khan had been shooting his show at Film City. The attacker Aqeel Malik said that why a Muslim woman should not wear short dresses. Gohar Khan manhandled by him during the show, but also the security guard after the police handed control. 24 year old Aqeel will be presented in court today.

According to the police, a man stood up in the audience and the show’s host Gohar Khan hit the theater, the Gohar Khan started yelling and called the police for help. Gauhar Khan in December 2013 reality show ‘Big Boss’ had won the seventh season. This show is very popular in India and Salman Khan consecutive years are hosting the show. Gohar Khan models and several items of his songs because she has established. Police in Mumbai to film and television actress Gauhar Khan slapped during a program has registered a case against the person.

Gauhar Khan Slapped During the Shooting

Police say 24 year old Malik objected to wear the short dress of Gohar Khan was accused and he was screaming, “She is Muslim women and why she wears too short dresses, they should not do that.” Aqeel slapped before touching them and they tried that during the shooting of the gem was uneventful.

According to police, the Gohar Khan has forbidden him to do so to an argument between them and the accused hit him a slap. At present those responsible for the security of the accused arrested and handed over to police. Aqil Malik is the waiter in Patna, Mumbai local restaurant.


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