Four Steps to Beautiful Skin!


4. Brown Sugar

Apart from having fewer carbs, brown sugar is a good exfoliator. It is inexpensive which makes it convenient to use every other day.

The important ingredient in it is glycolic acid that is good for healthy looking skin. Most of the expensive products we use today have glycolic acid in it.

Why spend your dollars on a commercially prepared chemical preparation when you can have it from a thing as inexpensive as the brown sugar.

Brown Sugar for Amazing Skin


1. In two tablespoons of olive add the half cup of brown sugar, two teaspoons oats and half teaspoon of cinnamon. Apply the mix on your skin generously and rinse after 2-3 minutes.

2. The second mix you need to prepare is made by adding half cup guava mash, one and a half teaspoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of milk.

3. Mix it well and apply it to your skin for 3 minutes. Rinse and get the favorite look and glow.


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