Four Steps to Beautiful Skin!


2. Clove

Clove oil is a medicinal product. It can be used for treating skin issues. Dermatologists say that clove can have quite effective anti-inflammatory impacts on the skin. Moreover, it is antimicrobial in nature and improves the natural health of the skin.

It causes exfoliation of the marks and pores and allows the deep cleansing of the skin surface leaving it plum and ever young. If you got sunburn due to the scorching sun, applying clove oil can heal it too.

Clove for Amazing Skin


The procedure of using its oil is to use it along with carrier oil. Their ration should be like Apply it to the skin and keep it there until it dries.

3. Cinnamon

From deserts to savory and even skin care cinnamon is wonderful natural condiment nature has gifted us with. If it is combined with brown sugar and olive oil it can do wonders to your skin. If you want that perfect plump lips you could get them naturally without filler using cinnamon. If it is added with almond oil, sea salt, or honey to get that flawless young skin. Avoid applying it directly because it may cause a reaction on your skin.

Cinnamon for Amazing Skin


1. Adding a pinch of ground cinnamon over Vaseline and rubbing it on the lips can save you from the lip fillers. You just need to rub it for a minute and you are done.

2. For acne, prepare a mix that has three tablespoons of raw honey and a teaspoon of finely ground cinnamon powder. Apply this paste to your skin twice a week and get rid of the problematic acne.


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