Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear & Husband Killed by Robbers


Former Venezuela beauty queen Monica Spear and her husband Thomas Barry from Ireland gunshot and murder by anonymous robbers. According to the some reliable sources, the robbers try to stop them but they do not follow their instructions, so they open fire and shot killed to Monica Spear and her husband Thomas Barry.

Monica Spear is the soap opera actress and former Miss Venezuela. Five years old Monica’s daughter is heavily injured in this attack but according to reports, she was in the hospital and condition is under control now. Monica also did a lot of performances.

Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear and her Husband Thomas Barry Killed by Robbers

Monica Spear is 29 years old and belongs from Venezuela, and Henry Thomas Berry aged 39, was killed Monday night after a near Puerto Cabello, Venezuela’s main port, street, their car breaks down, the prosecutor’s office said in the statement.

According to the Local media representative, Monica Spear and her husband were stopped on the road because their car causing some problem. According to the Police beginning investigation, it is likely that the attacker tried to rob the couple, which worsened after he shot Monica and her husband.

Venezuela has become one of the highest murder rates in the world, so rampant violent crime trend in Venezuela increase day by day. Spear’s death triggered a populist government of crime directed at the poor record of social media wave of anger. Robberies, kidnappings are the common incidents in Venezuela.


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