Food Hacks The Stars Swear By


Today, we shall tell you all the amazing culinary hacks and splendid recipes created by our favourite Hollywood stars and supermodels. This is yet another reminder that these Oscar-winners and talented actors and actresses are just as human as we all are, and their efforts to create healthy and wholesome diets should only motivate us to do the same.

It’s true that the rich, famous, talented and gorgeous aren’t just successful, but also endowed with great culinary skills, and while some hide their culinary talents, most celebrities are very vocal about their culinary achievements and wish to impart their healthy eating knowledge by writing cookbooks and sharing recipes.

Here are all the amazing culinary hacks that our favourite celebrities credit for their splendid physiques and wholesome lifestyles:

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a true Southern belle at heart, and you can feast your eyes on her countless culinary masterpieces by checking out her Instagram page. She can cook anything and everything, from chai sugar cookies to pastas and buckwheat crepes. Her dishes are both, healthy and delicious. She has not one but two culinary achievements: her fresh homemade pasta with pine nuts and a succulent parmesan lemon sauce, along with the signature southern recipe of chicken and dumplings.

2. Kristen Stewart

If there’s a dish that the Twilight star loves above all else, it is none other than a scrumptious hot bowl of Mexican tortilla soup. Kristen knows how to cook it perfectly, she even shared the recipe with Vogue and cooked it on a TV show for all of us to learn and enjoy.


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