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Fariha Pervez is a Pakistani singer, host and actress. She is one the leading female singers of Pakistan. She is very popular in Pakistan and has won many awards for her singing. She has the ability that she can sung many kinds of songs like pop, classical, semi-classical, folk, hangar, ghazi.

Fariha Pervez Early Life

Fariha Pervez was born on 2nd February 1970 in Lahore, Pakistan. She belongs to a family of talented females. Her father was a good singer but couldn’t become a famous and well known singer. She is the niece of Talat Siddique and Rehana Siddique; both were famous actresses of Pakistan. She is the cousin of Naheed Siddique and Arifa Saddique. Fariha has two brothers and she likes to spend her spare time with her family. As Fariha’s father wants to be a singer but couldn’t get success in his career, so he fulfilled his dreams by encouraging his only daughter to pursue her career as a musician.

Fariha Pervez Wedding Scandal

It was heard that Fariha Pervez has married her ustaad (teacher), who taught her singing. And he already has three grown up children but Fariha completely oppose it by saying that it is just a rumor.

Fariha Pervez New Hot Pics

Fariha Pervez Professional Career

In 1995, Fariha joined Master Feroze Gill for classical training in music. She hosted her first show of 38 episodes on channel G Kaboom in 2005, the format of the show was a musician interviewing a musician along with live performances from both the host and the guest’s side. As Fariha belongs to a talented family she started her career as an actress and worked in a few dramas, including:

  • Ainak Wala Jin
  • Duldul
  • Aisi Bulandi Aisi Pasti
  • Manchaley Ka Sauda
  • Comedy Theater
  • Ghar Galliyan Aur Rastay

But later she realized that acting is not her forte. So she decided to promote her singing career. Fariha Pervez released first album in1996 named Nice And Naughty. She has released seven albums yet. Her song Patang Baaz became a massive hit. Her musical career took off and she decided to focus solely on singing. Some of her albums are:

  • Nice And Naughty – 1996
  • Music Viewzik – 1997
  • Jhumka – 2000
  • O Vela Yaad Ker – 2001
  • Piya – 2003
  • Passion – 2005
  • Abhi Abhi – 2010

From 1996 till now, she has sung many single songs as well except her albums, like:

  • Mai Ni Main
  • Pyar Ka Din
  • Mein Tu Main
  • Aye Mere Wattan
  • Piya Jee
  • Ranjhana
  • Hazaro Khawahishein
  • Aitebaar
  • Koi Diya
  • Hum Panchi
  • Gul Jana
  • Boom Boom Boom
  • Khayal Rakhna
  • Peer Ho
  • Mujhy Dil Se
  • Jiya Ja
  • Chura Liya
  • PTV Theme Song
  • Tere Naina
  • Jhoom Ja
  • Main Gunahgar Nahi

Fariha Pervez has won many awards for her singing skills in Pakistan. Some are:

  • 1st Indus Music Award
  • 1st The Music Award
  • Brrrr Mtv Music Awards
  • Pakistan Media Awards
  • PTV National Awards

Born : 2nd February
Origin : Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Genres : Pop, classical, semi-classical, folk, bhangra, ghazal
Occupations : Musician
Instruments : Vocals
Years active : 1996-present
Labels : Lips Music, Sonic, Sadaf Stereo


  1. She is a grown up mature lady now . She has the unique quality to her voice that is balanced means not so soft not so harsh. Of course, this limits the range but lovely voice.


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