10 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do in Literally 10 Seconds


9. The Hairhead Band

If you have frizzy hair then the hairhead band is best.

Hair Headband Style
Stephania Stanley

Step 1: Create the Band

From the front separate two face-framing pieces and gather the rest of your hair into a pony.

Hair Headband Style - Step 1
Stephania Stanley

Step 2: Secure them

With the help of an elastic band tie the face-framing pieces at the nape of neck. Now untie the pony over your headband.

Hair Headband Style - Step 2
Stephania Stanley

10. The Fanned-Out Bun

This voluminous bun makes the finest look of the hair and makes you stylish.

Fanned-Out Bun Hairstyle
Stephania Stanley

Step 1: Make a High Pony

Simply make a high ponytail of your hair.

Fanned-Out Bun Hairstyle - Step 1
Stephania Stanley

Step 2: Wrap It

Now take the end of ponytail in one hand and with the other hand divide the ponytail in two sections under the elastic band. Pull the pony through the opening.

Fanned-Out Bun Hairstyle - Step 2
Stephania Stanley

Step 3: Fan It Out

Gently fan out the hair in the bun and set the ends of the ponytail at the base of the bun to give the proper look. Your hairstyle is done.

Fanned-Out Bun Hairstyle - Step 3
Stephania Stanley


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