35 Unbelievable Pics of Mothers And Daughters Who Look Almost The Same Age


26. Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson is the incredibly proud daughter of Michael Jackson, the greatest music and dance sensations of all time, and she has several tattoos on her body to honour his legacy. One of the amazing tattoos includes the famous cover of the iconic album, ‘Dangerous’, which was released back in 1989.

At the 52nd Grammy Awards, Paris represented her father by accepting an award on his behalf, we could see the pride bursting out of her radiant face. Having made up her mind about not bothering with school, she has devoted her life to helping poor families and providing medical care to those who can’t afford it. We’re so incredibly proud of you Paris!

Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson

27. Annie Guest

The insanely talented daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis, Annie Guest doesn’t seem to following her mother and making a career in Hollywood. Instead, the gorgeous Annie has graduated from Kenyon College with a BFA in Dance, and now, she has begun her career as a dance instructor. Even though we’re convinced that she must be as talented an actress as her riotously creative mother, but we’re so incredibly proud that she followed her heart and became a dancer.

In 2016, she attended the Golden Globe Awards, and we were besotted by her glamorous appearance on the red carpet. We’re convinced that she will definitely become a huge entertainment figure with her fiery dancing talent.

Annie Guest, Daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis

28. Ava Sambora

This strikingly attractive blonde is the insanely talented daughter of Heather Locklear, who won our hearts when she walked down the runway in 2010, showcasing her father’s clothing collection, titled “White Trash Beautiful. Clearly, Ava has inherited her mother’s spectacular beauty genes, and promising talent. In 2012, she made her debut as Wendy in the hilarious comedy, “This is 40”. In 2013, she also made an appearance on the popular TV show, “Good Luck Charlie”.

Her big break came when she was selected for the role of “SummerBreak3”, and she played herself in the show in 2016. Despite being the young age of 20, she has achieved such staggering success in this competitive industry.

Ava Sambora, daughter of Heather Locklear

29. Liv Moore

Liv Moore is the gorgeous daughter of Julianne Moore, and these two striking redheads leave the crowds spell bounded everywhere they go. Despite being no older than a mere 14 years, Liv already appears to be growing taller than her mother, which is clearly the genetic influence of Bart Freundlich, her father. This beautiful little girl hasn’t stepped into the realm of acting as yet, but we’ve seen her budding talent in the short roles she’s had in several movies, including “The Rebound” and “Trust the Man”.

She is extremely close to her mother, and we’re always spotting them enjoying adorable mother-daughter fun. They get photographed lunching at fine restaurants, or attending prestigious fashion shows all over the globe. It’s infectious to see them having so much fun together, truly, they provide us with such solid mother-daughter goals every time they step out together.

Liv Moore, daughter of Julianne Moore

30. Lily Costner

Lily is the lovely daughter of Kevin and Cindy Costner, and this 31-year old is an insanely talented musician, who performs with her dad and his famous band, Modern West. She made her very first debut on the big screen at the wee age of nine, when she starred in The Babysitter Club, back in 1995.

Lily Costner with Father


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