Celebs With Lingerie Collections: Megan Fox, Ashley Graham & More — Pics


When it comes to flaunting their sexiness with a badass confidence, no one can beat Ashley Graham and Megan Fox at their game. These supermodels not only stun us with their gorgeousness, but these boss ladies also own their very own lingerie collections. More and more models are beginning to get involved in the lingerie business, which gives us an abundance of variety.

Megan Fox stunned us as she showcased a beguiling lingerie collection. Despite being a 31-year old mother of 3, her dazzlingly sexy figure never refuses to make our blood pressure raise. Megan’s glamorous line of downright sexy and sensual lingerie attire left us stunned with its exotic designs.

Ashley Graham Own Lingerie Collections
Courtesy of Instagram

Ashley Graham, a 30-year old supermodel, beauty influencer and inspiration speaker promoted a healthy body image with her sizzling and sexy lingerie collection. Gisele Bundchen, the 37-year old supermodel who also happens to be Tom Brady’s wife, also launched her lingerie collection back in 2011, and has reaped such staggering success along the way. Her collection is perfect for any and every occasion.

Stephanie Seymour Own Lingerie Collections
Courtesy of Instagram

Aside from Megan, we see several other actresses and musicians stepping into the lingerie business to express their sensuality, such as Carmen Electra, Paris Hilton and even Britney Spears. These incredibly talented ladies have presented us such incredibly wild and sensual lingerie collections to flaunt our beauty, and needless to say, we couldn’t be more grateful!


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