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Celebs In Lingerie On The Red Carpet — See Photos Of Risk-Taking Celebs

Hollywood shares a deep, heartfelt connection with sensual lingerie trends, and some celebrities chose to walk down the bold lane by flaunting their favourite lingerie styles at the red carpet with a fiercely audacious aplomb. Celebrities like Mariah Carey, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid amongst countless others, never fail to set our hearts fluttering and our temperatures soaring when they chose to set foot on the red carpet with the lingerie guns on an exciting glamour parade!

Some celebrities like to play it subtle and cool by allowing their sexy bralette or sensual briefs to be casually revealed through sheer and playful outfits. While other celebrities, like Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé amongst others, chose to go bold beyond belief by flaunting their curvaceous legs in captivating corsets, thongs and other insanely sexy lingerie trends imaginable to womankind. These women inspire us be bold and beautiful with a powerful attitude that instills a deep-rooted confidence that liberates our own sense of style and allows us to own up the beauty of our beautiful curves.

Kendall Jenner In Lingerie On The Red Carpet


In this article, we have created an exciting roundup of all our favourite celebrities who put a bold foot forward at the red carpet with audaciously sexy lingerie outfits that made us go gaga over their confidence and boldness.

Elsa Hosk In Lingerie On The Red Carpet


Here, feast your eyes:

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