Celebs Getting Ready For The 2018 Grammys — Pics


Our favourite super stars, including Chrissy Teigen and Reba McEntire, didn’t shy away from showing us all their amazing preparations and fashion statements for the glorious ceremony of the 2018 Grammy Awards. We’re excited beyond belief to see everything that goes behind the scenes as these larger-than-life celebrities get their hair and makeup done, along with all the fun they have while getting ready and finally heading out to pose on the red carpet and attending the ceremony.

Reba allowed her Instagram followers to experience the entire process as she got her hair styled, smiling for the camera in her casual clothes while her hair stylist worked away his magic. Chrissy Teigen also kept us posted about her Grammy preparations with a pictured posted on Instagram.

Reba Getting Ready For The 2018 Grammy Awards

Maren Morris also posted a getting ready photo that showed us an iPad and a set of fake eyelashes instead of a regular photo of herself. The caption read, Coffee. Lashes. Parks and Rec”. Lisa Loeb followed suit in an excitingly sexy dark metallic-hued gown as she posted a backstage photo, while Nick Jonas decided to click a morning selfie while he was getting coffee.

Lisa Loeb Ready For The 2018 Grammy Awards

We can’t wait to see all these amazingly talented stars at the star-studded ceremony and their amazing Instagram posts have given us so much to look forward to. Are you ready to feast your eyes on all their Grammy preparations?

Here, take a look:


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