Bollywood Actresses Fair Skin Complexion


We usually considered fair color is the standard of beauty. They worship the white color, especially in the east and then to marry any guy that tells you the condition and not something a girl should be fair, he did not get his impressions, colors are white.

This trend is also reflected in Bollywood celebrities. Bollywood glamour in the world full of great attention is paid to the fact that heroin which is black or dark. Indian actresses fair skin complexion aside her skin color and focus on their work which is liked their name. Some names in this article and such actresses is being mentioned.

Priyanka Chopra:

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra proved his talents through skills needs are not beautiful, with its slightly dark skin. She started his journey from modeling and burgeoned took the Miss World crown on my head decked. Priyanka does not suffer from this too complex color that is not white. He has confidence and trust it always has the same healing. Priyanka had said earlier in an interview that he initially only the directors and producers refused to cast in movies that are dark brown.


Bipasha Basu:

Bengali women Bipasha Basu have dark brown eyes, and we conversed together locks are like clouds. Bipasha Bengal is also concerned. Then there are all the features of the Bengali women. Best actress Bipasha cannot be said, because it has the most glamorous roles. His performance in films such as Secrets and few good moments, but overall it cannot be said Bollywood successful actress. Bipasha his own deep dark skin was not the problem, the bill that he is proud of the fact that her skin tone is deeper, Bipasha said that dark skin is more attractive than the white hue. Bipasha is up in two-tone. One of his skin color tone and the second tone deeper than skin color. Bipasha says that such make-up on face feels refreshing new look each time.


Deepika Padukone:

Today, the number one in Bollywood films industry, Deepika Padukone holding a dark color and his skin tone is also well aware of. Perfect body with tattoos and beautiful dark brown lamp is attractive. Deepika’s personality and skin tone to perfection every context that the eastern and western looks pleasing to wear.


Malaika Arora Khan:

Queen of Bollywood films industry, Malaika Arora Khan’s Item Song fame has relatively dark skin color and tone of your skin is the angels always feel proud. She also said that the make-up or change their skin color did not try to hide it, because he knows that he walked pins Navigation and freshness that I have rarely seen in white color. Angels sometimes even cause her skin color and nerve should not wear that dress. The number of angels that cannot happen in Bollywood beautiful women, but their number is surely in these actresses who seem extremely attractive and enticing.


Lara Dutta:

Miss World Lara Dutta is an unusual heroine, because of the unique features of his face and deep dark color that distinguishes it from other actresses. Lara traditional fair, okay covering such large eyes, beautiful nose, tender lips and a white color, not the bill on its face is a different kind of attraction, which attracts others with skin color tone causes.



Kajol’s film career began when the count was not hyruynz Industry fair. The biggest cause of obesity and Kajol had deep dark hue, being perceived.


Nandita Das:

Actress Nandita Das like Smita Patil past several actresses who is also known in the industry make her feel so is because of their unique characters. Nandita artificial beautiful and instead focus on the commercial level, rather than the art films and proved themselves serious. Nandita also have a role in which it must do some kind of make-up or do not feel the glamour as she likes to look the same on the screen.


Freida Pinto:

Bollywood actress in the movie Slumdog Millionaire, working internationally city received seven Dhani said it is just luck, because Freida have slightly dark skin and coarse impressions. Later, when she got his first film scoring his first facial cosmetic surgery, which was the top skin therapy. After this treatment Freida whole personality changed and he worked in Hollywood a few films.


Konkona Sen Sharma:

Konkona Sen Sharma, the Bollywood actress who never considered the issue of his dark skin color. She looks beautiful with dark skin.


Magdha Godse:

Model turn actress Magdha count is also Bollywood actresses she walked, if the color of your skin has become very sensitive. Through cosmetic treatment so he got his color is white.



South Indian film actress of the few Bollywood movies like Ghajini, and ready to work in a full house certainly proved herself a good actress, but she wants to work in Bollywood.


Rani Mukherjee:

Very few people are aware of the fact that Rani Mukherjee’s film career ahead of her deep dark skin tone was killer. Even college and school friends called him black girl movies before treatment, queen Skin glow on her face, which was carried out, but the queen still be seen without make-up the actual color is actualized.


Jia Khan:

Very early in the growing list of prominen actress Jia Khan was the dark color (Jia committed suicide some time ago) lived at the beginning of his career with big stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan, had worked in Ghajini. Jia Khan attractive personality that was the main point of the screen looks beautiful ever taken recourse to unnecessary makeup. As she was in real life was more or less on the same screen.


Rakhi Sawant:

Bollywood controversial, outspoken and boldness to fame via the number of the item girl Rakhi Sawant Song was common in girls. When watching the video in the early songs Rakhi Rakhi clearly looks black, thick and dull, but it soon became aware that this kind of personality they cannot stay long in Bollywood. So she’s knuckles with his face and body cosmetic plastic surgery.



Former Bollywood actress Sridevi points count was the black girl in the dark skin tone. Sridevi is concerned, South India, where it is usually black skin color. Sridevi in her debut movie Jolie appeared with their original color, but as long as they continue to rise. Acting in their personality as well as the value it brings. Today, no one can say at once that it was called the black grill.


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