7 Best Ways to Lighten Skin Color Naturally


People love to have a fair skin. People who have dark skin complexion naturally have been observed applying various types of creams, lotions and other similar products for becoming fair. A person has dark skin color due to presence of high quantity of melanin in the skin. The melanin makes the skin dark.

There are some other factors which can cause dark skin complexion. These are direct sunlight, dust, dirt, water etc. One of the major factors in dark skin coloration is considered to be stress or tension. There are many ways of changing the dark skin tone into fairer one. Some of them are natural but others are artificial.

How to lighten skin naturally?

If you want to lighten your skin tone then you should focus on these points:

Applying sunscreen

It is mandatory that you should use a sun block before going out in direct sunlight. The sun rays can make your skin darker than before. There are different kinds of sun blocks available in market at competitive price. You can purchase them as per your skin types. Usage of sun block is highly recommended.

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Drinking penalty of water

The best remedy for keeping your skin fresh is drinking penalty of water. Water keeps the tissues hydrated and moisturized. This is helpful in opening the pores so that oxygen can reach in the tissues. Water is considered to be the best factor in lightening the skin tone and making it fresh.

Cleaning the face regularly

It is very important to clean your face two times a day with good soap or face wash. If you keep your face neat and clean then the dirt and dust particles can easily be removed. It is also important to clean the face with a good cleanser once or twice a week. This keeps the skin fresh and dirt free. Face cleansing is one of the best ways to lighten the skin tone and maintaining its freshness.

Keep the skin moisturized

Skin moisturizing is very important in keeping the skin fresh. It is suggested to use the best moisturizer in winters as well as in summers. You can use the Aloe Vera gel if you have dry skin.

Homemade solutions

There are different types of homemade remedies which can be used by person for lightening the skin tone. You can make several kinds of pastes or masks by mixing various natural products. A mixture of honey, yogurt and lemon juice can be applied on face for lightening the skin tone. Rose water is considered to be highly useful in making your skin color light and fresh. Lemon juice has bleaching power in it. This removes every type of dust and dirt from the face and lightens the face complexion as well.

Taking help from fruits

There are various fruits which have power to lighten the skin tone. These can be eaten or their paste can be made/applied onto the face. These fruits and other products are banana, strawberry, ripe papaya, orange, cooked oats, turmeric powder, milk powder, honey, coconut etc. these products are highly useful in making the color complexion fair and clean.

Taking the correct vitamins

There are many vitamins which are present in certain fruits or products and are useful in making the complexion fair. The products enriched with such vitamins are lemons, strawberries, oranges, green peas, gooseberries as well as sweet peppers, cantaloupes etc.

You should focus on the above mentioned points for lightening the skin tone and keeping the skin fresh. You need to get the healthy diet as well. Proper exercise is very important for keeping the skin cells fresh and active.



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