Best Healthy Diet Tips to Control Diabetes


Changing your standard of living might be a huge step toward the diabetes prevention. Control over the consumption of food is one common aspect of managing the diabetes. In simple word it is important and big quantity of puzzle. Controlling the diet and eating healthy food keeps the control over blood sugar. In short a healthy diet keeps the blood sugar in control that can avoid the difficulty of the diabetes.

According to the recommendation of American Association of Diabetes, patients eating fresh and healthy food to get rid of this diabetes disease. Every people should follow these healthy diet tips to control diabetes and live healthy life.

There are some healthy tips to live a normal life simply by following convinced dieting tips in addition to prescribed medicine and exercise as per advice by your family doctor. Patient should avoid these things to become healthy.

1. Limit sweets

Substitution of sweet foods with further healthy alternatives is best tip. Eat fruits as an alternative of pudding or ice-cream.

2. Limited use of alcohol

Alcoholic drinks and food have no dietary value, but it contains lots of calories.

3. Eat less fats

Instead of using the vegetable oils or butter, only use olive oil for the cooking. Keep it in your mind that avoid the fried foods; consume grilled or baked food as an alternative.

4. Get physical activities

There are numerous of benefits to habitual physical activity. Each exercise can help you in such things like improving your sensitivity to the insulin that helps in keeping your sugar level within regular range and also in losing your weight and lowering your sugar level of blood.

5. Green beans, Broccoli and Spinach

Add bounty of non- starchy green vegetables like green beans, Broccoli and spinach to your plan of diet, as experts of diabetes says that these all food are very low in the carbohydrates as well as very high in the fiber. Only eat starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, peas, corn and broad beans.


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