Actress Neelam Muneer dating Sarfraz Ahmed?


Is this the rumor or reality behind the story of Pakistani actress Neelam Muneer and Cricketer Sarfraz Ahmed? The news goes viral amongst the Pakistani people because some local television channels report on this issue. All channels have its own reporting, dissimilar to each other.

Few days before Pakistani dramas actress Neelam Muneer commented on the great performance of Pakistani wicket-keeper Sarfraz Ahmed, but media present this comment in the wrong way. Many websites post this news with some spicy wordings. So the news goes viral in Pakistan.

Actress Neelam Muneer dating Sarfraz Ahmed

The rumor goes viral and even Neelam Muneer have to speak about it. She said: I had only accredited Sarfraz Ahmed excellent recital in world cup matches but public unfaltering to take it in an absolutely unusual beam. There is another personality in my life, who I will only address about when the moment is accurate. While I have expected recommendations to work in movies, I want to accomplish a little different on the silver screen, just like I have done on dramas. It is inspirational to distinguish that further moves are being prepared in the Lollywood entertainment industry, which viewers have been understand. I believe in my opinion blessed that public crave to see me in Pakistani movies, but I don’t wish for to hurry into making a conclusion, which I may be disappointed soon after on.


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