Actress Meera in Germany to Celebrate New Year Night


Film star has gone to Germany to celebrate the new year night her younger sisters also held a meeting with close friends.

Meera’s sudden arrival in Germany, sources close to the actress hopes that Meera plans to celebrate with Captain Naveed because recently she got award in India for best actress. Celebrate this happy moments in Pakistan, instead reached Frankfurt to enjoy new year. When media persons were approached to actress to know the reason behid Meera’s celebration in Germany. The actress said that she was busy in past few years, was engaged in their projects. She has to participate in the International Film Festival Awards in Delhi, also attached with hospital project with the various meetings in different locations related to hospital project.

Actress Meera and Captain Naveed in Germany

During this busy time at my sisters did not get to meet the topic. Now she has come to Germany, she would spend some time with her sisters Fatima and younger sisters Aqsa, special prayers for Pakistan’s development and improvement. When journalist ask about the meeting with Captain Naveed. Actress response that she come just to meet with their family not for Captain Naveed. There is no chance of our gathering or contacts. She just came here to visit their sisters and celebrate new year with them.


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