Actress Madiha Shah married to Javed Iqbal | Wedding Pics


Well-known actress Madiha Shah married to billionaire businessman Javed Iqbal and living happy married life in Canada and it is just started the innings.

The marriage ceremony was simply a close relative of Madiha Shah and Javed Iqbal attended. According to the sources, Javed Iqbal gifted to her wife Madiha Shah a new house in Karachi Pakistan and also in Canada. Javed Iqbal is associated with the chef and cooking dishes related thing business all over the world. Both families had met some time ago and then Javed Iqbal’s family arranged the marriage thing.

Iqbal and his family learned that the wizard king not to get married. Any restrictions have been imposed. Madiha Shah in this regard when he was approached by marriage, the wedding ceremony was held in Canada, but it arranged for just close family members. My in-laws wanted to celebrated the wedding reception to massive feast ceremony but I agree they have to Karachi and Lahore. Also I am from Pakistan and my loved ones very close friend and fellow artist associated whose pleasures wealth can not be added to enhance the taste without. A month later, so we will come to Pakistan and then the schedule will feature a feast.

Pakistani Actress Madiha Shah Wedding Pics

Pakistani Actress Madiha Shah Wedding Pics

Madiha Shah Wedding Pictures

Actress Madiha Shah Wedding Pictures

He looks even more beautiful after marriage life is my husband and his family and all the people who are really good care of me. I am currently in Diargher but I did not realize that it is a bridge to the people I met in the first rain. Madiha Shah said in answer to a question that my husband Javed Iqbal and by-laws prohibit me from working in showbiz, but as always I’ll sign for good projects. Film, television and theater stints also featured in the fashion industry and will offer in the future if a good project I will certainly work.

Pakistani Actress Madiha Shah Wedding Pics

Pakistani Actress Madiha Shah Wedding Pics

After Pakistani actress Reema wedding ceremony, people from Pakistan are eagerly waiting to hear the news about Madiha Shah wedding. Madiha Shah getting many congratulations and wishes from its fellow workers and fans.


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