90s Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback — Pics


The 90s were without doubt one of the most glamorous and iconic decades of not only the fashion industry, but also cinema, art and music. It was a time that marked a massive boom in economic development, the advent of the sassy grunge movement, the birth of the hip-hop industry, and a powerful culture of eclectic fashion trends that bordered on downright eccentric and boldly fearless.

It appears that all the bold and notoriously glamorous trends from the 90s are making an exciting comeback and we all couldn’t be more excited. 90s was an era that welcomed the arrival of some of the most timeless fashion trends known to woman kind, such as the racy leather jacket biker-gal vibes of Winona Ryder, Jennifer Anniston’s signature layered lob, which grew popular after the hairstyle she flaunted as Rachel in Friends, and of course, her effortlessly chic tunics and cropped tees.

Similarly, other trends like colourful plaid button-downs, athleisure apparel with sassy graphic quotes, delicately minimalist choker inspired by Natalie Portman’s signature look in Leon, the Professional, and glittery sequins amongst lots more. Designers have marked a glamorous revival for all the timelessly chic trends of the 90s, and we can’t wait to splurge our wardrobes with these definite fashion must-haves.

We’ve created an exciting round-up to introduce to all these exciting 90s trends, here, feast your eyes:

Lip Liner

90s Fashion Trends Coming Back

High-Cut Leg Swimsuits

90s Fashion Trends Coming Back


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