9 Best Solutions for Dry and Damaged Hair


8. Or Take An Occasional Time Out From Hot Tools Altogether

The best solution is to dry your hair in air. With time passes, it will dry naturally. Do not use any hot or ironing treatment to dry your hair. These kinds of hot instruments will dry the natural oil and protein inside the hair.

Keep your hair out of such kind of treatment or practice. Use such instruments on different occasions but not regularly. Do not rub your hair after taking shower. The best method is use towel and wraps it. After some time remove the towel. This method helps you to prevent the hair fall.

9. Protect Your Hair Before Getting It Colored

When you color the hair, the cuticle became open. These openings cause damage to the hairs. In a saloon after coloring your hair immediately, apply any kind of moisturizer. The basic aim is to give or fill the spaces between the hairs. It will protect the hairs against any chemical reaction or allergy.

Before coloring, your hair another precautionary step is to make sure that your skin and hairs are not allergic to such activity. After coloring, few people face such miserable problem, which leads to later on serious issues.

Everybody either girl or a boy wants thick, shine, and healthy hairs. For the sake of the people use or try many things. Mostly people apply expensive treatments on their hair. In result of this, their hair became fizzy, dry, dull and yes hair fall. In salons, there is excessive use of ironing or blow dry method. This blow dry will burn your tips of hairs. The tips of your hair became untreatable. After the damage, there is no option left either than cut down your hair.

Instead of trying expensive treatment, people should go for the kinds of oils like coconut oil and olive oil etc. people should switch from artificial products to natural products like butter massage, black tea, and aloe Vera extract. Use protein and massage it daily. Comb your hairs twice a day. At night before sleeping, comb your hairs 100 times. This activity will regulate the blood flow faster and you hairs became healthy. For hair fall, you should go for cutting your hairs. Split ends will be treating like cutting your hairs so it can now grow healthier and stronger.


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