9 Best Solutions for Dry and Damaged Hair


2. Avoid ingredients that makes dry hair drier

Warm water or hot instruments burn your hairs. It also makes your hair dry. Avoid chemicals like coloring agent. It has peroxides. Peroxides remove your natural color into white. The long and strong hair loss his strength and shine after dying. Some girls face allergies while doing coloring their hairs. It turns into hair fall and dryness.

In the 21st century, different methods are introducing by different professionals like blow dry, ironing and straight hairs by the iron or hot instrument. This will burn the hairs. It will breakout from different sides. It also occurs split ends. The split ends stop the hair to grow well. It stops the nourishment and causes dryness.

To make your hairs healthy, shine and long use natural ingredients or products. Avoid such harmful chemical, which causes allergies or dryness. Use avocados paste. Butter massage is another good option. Choose best shampoo and conditioner.

3. Wash your hairs less

People think like that washing hairs daily will increase the shine in hairs. Unfortunately, it is really opposite of this. It makes our hair dryer, less shine, damaged and cause hair fall. Never wash your hair daily.

Every shampoo contains specific amount of peroxide. This peroxide damages your hair and causes split ends. Our skin of scalp secretes a certain amount of oil one day or two-day after wash. This natural oil is work to give nourishment and protection to the scalp from sunrays and dryness. Shampoos prevent the oil secretion.

Hot water is another big reason behind hair fall or dryness of hairs. After shampoo, wash your hair with cold or normal water. The cold is beneficial in repairing the broken hair or stop hair fall. Do not use hard water for wash. It has heavy minerals, which damage your hairs. It will also cause hair fall.


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