9 Daily Habits of People with Flawless Skin


8. They make sure the water is the right temperature for their skin

Too much water can deprive your skin of the necessary oils and make it dry and scaly. Lukewarm water is what is best suitable for your skin or a splash of cold water could also do the work.

So, taking care of the temperatures of water that you directly apply to skin is critical. American dermatologist, Elizabeth Tanzi suggests that one should avoid taking hot baths and hot bath sessions as these easily take away moisture from your skin. Those natural moisturizing oils on the skin are important for skin health; therefore, they should not be removed completely.

Right Water Temperature for Flawless Skin

9. Sip directly instead of straws and avoid bubble gums

Straws and chewing gums make such posture which make your skin bloated and brings wrinkles on your face. It may also lead to bloating of skin.

A bloated skin or a wrinkled skin will make you look older than you actually are. A facialist says that moving your mouth excessively is not good for the skin health. It purses the lips and wrinkles the skin.

So, for that glow, eat better, do a bit of exercise and be happy for happy people are the most beautiful people.

Avoid Straws and Gum for Flawless Skin


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