9 Daily Habits of People with Flawless Skin


3. They always remove makeup before bed

Are you one of those who do not bother taking off the layer of makeup before going to bed? If yes, you are doing so unfair to your skin. If you don’t remove the makeup your skin pores will clog and due to no space to breath for your skin cells they will ultimately die. So, wash your skin with a gentle cleanser before you go to sleep.

If you have come back from a really tiring day use makeup wipes to remove the make-up. They are easily the best and quick solution to your lazy self. Makeup has gone and likewise, your skin is good to sleep now.

Karyn also suggests using makeup wipes and keep them for daily use.

Remove Makeup before Bed for Flawless Skin

4. The right sleep-seven hours

If you are sleep deprived, it will clearly show on your skin. For good skin, you need to have at least seven to eight hours of sleep daily.

Dunlop says that she always prioritizes her sleep above anything. If you don’t take it properly, your eyes will become puffier and the skins start to sag which looks quite unappealing altogether.

Proper Sleep for Flawless Skin

5. Touching the pimples is never to do the thing!

Yes, those itchy pimples are very problematic and one often feels the urge to tease them or pop them up. However, doing this is not a good idea as it leads to inflammation and infection as well at times.

When you pop it up, from sources like your hand or air can infect the open mouth of the pimple. This will aggravate the acne issue further. On such pimple, experts like Karyn suggest to use one percent hydrocortisone cream on such sores and popup and avoid touching them unnecessarily or at all.

Don’t Touch Pimples for Flawless Skin
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