8 Healthy Foods That Can Ruin Your Diet


We hear some of the foods are better for our health but we sometimes fail to understand the fact that over consumption of them can lead to problems such as weight gain. We hear that excess of everything is bad and in this article we would be discussing this phenomenon. The list and description of foods that we deem healthy and their effects on the body when consumed in a larger quantity is given below:


Nut are generally considered healthy such as almonds and cashew, as they are high in proteins such as the Omega 3, High dose of fiber and Vitamin E, all of which are essential for a healthy body. The big issue is what if we over consume them. The answer would be weight gain because nut having all those nutritional elements also has a high dosage of calories.


Coffee is considered a natural anti-Oxidant but what we don’t know is that the version of it that we usually buy from a coffee shop, an easy way out is basically full of calories. First there is milk, then sugar, both of them in high quantity which affects the nature of the drink. If you want to stay healthy and trim then take your coffee with less fat milk and a table spoon of sugar at max.

Trail Mix

Trail Mix available from the market contains nuts, sugars and other contents that are high on calories. It is preferable if you are a fan of trail mix to make it at home, which would not only be a healthier alternative but also less on fats and you can cut out on anything that you don’t like in a trail mix.

Sandwich Wraps

The trend that has been set is to eat healthy and most of us for the ease of carrying it eat healthy, but our method may be wrong in shrouding healthy salads and meat in a sandwich wrap. A sandwich wrap enhances the quantity of the calories that we intake.


Although Dark Chocolate is preferred as a food to lose weight because of its natural contents but Dark Chocolates on the whole contain high levels of calories and fats that may not help you in losing weight. If you are hooked to chocolates then there is only one way out, to choose them with high percentage of cocoa and less sugar. Avoiding sugar is essential to a healthy life.

Iced Teas

The Teas in general are thought to contain anti-Oxidants and help in keeping you in shape, but the iced tea available in the market is filled with excess sugar, which is not good for a healthy lifestyle.


It contains high quantities of Vitamin A,C and E because its source is tomato, but the ones in the market are high on calories because of the added salt and sugar to make it tastier. The preferable amount to be consumed is one table spoon, which would change the taste of the food and wouldn’t be a burden on your health.

Tuna Salad

Canned tuna is one of the healthier foods in a canned packing but the problem in a salad is the added mayonnaise, which add 90 calories per spoon that you eat.

All these foods mentioned here are considered healthy but as we know the excess usage can be harmful so the best thing is to be careful in the quantity you eat and don’t think that eating in excess would make you more healthy.


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