7 Surprising Ways Salt can Cure Acne, Dryness & Dullness


6. Brighten your Nails

Feel like giving yourself a quick manicure? All you need is some soft to take care of those overgrown cuticles. Salt allows the cuticles to soften up, along with softening your skin and making brittle nails stronger.

You simply have to mix up some salt with lemon and baking soda to eliminate the horrid yellowing and stains on your nails, to make them healthier and brightened.

Just mix one teaspoon of baking soda with one teaspoon of lemon juice, and one teaspoon of salt in half-cup of hot water. Dip your nails in the mixture, and allow them to soak for at least 15 minutes before you take them out. Then, use a foot brush or even a gentle toothbrush to thoroughly scrub your nails, followed by a moisturizing session after drying up.

7. A Soothing Hot Bath

Salt has remarkable cleansing properties, and it will eliminate every single scrap of dirt, grime or dust from your skin, along with cleanse it free of all toxins by cleaning the deepest layers of your skin and its pores. Basically, salt is brimming with a powerful concentration of minerals, which aids in fortifying the protective barrier of the skin, and allowing it to retain hydration and moisture.

If you soak your skin in salty water for a long time, your skin won’t get dry or prune-like and you won’t experience any wrinkles over a long period of time. Research reveals that a long salt bath allows the skin to fight off dryness by holding in moisture. This is primarily because of the natural minerals present in salt, which prevent excessive bloating and inflammation by preventing the body from retaining water.

You can try out this soothing and relaxing trick by adding one-third cup of salt in your tub, after filling it up with hot water. Be sure to allow the salt to get nicely dissolved before slipping inside.



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