7 Surprising Ways Salt can Cure Acne, Dryness & Dullness


2. Natural Exfoliator

Salt makes a gentle body scrub that will soften your skin, help your body retain moisture and fight off impurities. The minerals and nutrients present in salt make it a mild and effective natural exfoliator, which will effectively eliminate all dead skin cells to give you a brightened and cleansed skin. The minerals will retain hydration and moisture, leaving behind a silky softness.

You simply have to mix up half a cup of olive oil with a quarter-cup of salt, and create a smooth and thick mixture that can be applied to your skin. For added skin benefits, add a few drops of your favorite essential, lavender or peppermint for instance. Apply this mixture all over your body while bathing, and it can be applied anywhere, under the armpits, on your palms, and even across the legs.

Be sure to gently rub the mixture on your skin using circular motions of the hand. After one use, it will give your skin an instant brightness and a silky smoothness.

3. Dandruff-Fighting Solution

Salt allows you to fight off dandruff and give your scalp a healthy dose of nourishment by loosening up and eliminating existing flakes in your hair. It achieves this by encouraging the circulation of blood to transport essential nutrients to your scalp. Salt is also efficient at absorbing all the excess oil or sebum, along with any kind of moisture, to make sure you don’t suffer from fungal growth within your scalp, along with preventing the reemergence of dandruff.

You can try this simple remedy without whipping any mixtures. You simply have to part your hair evenly, and then sprinkle two teaspoons of salt all across your scalp. Wet your fingers, and massage your scalp with circular motions using the fingertips.

Be sure to massage in the salt for at least 15 minutes, before you thoroughly wash it off with your shampoo and conditioner. Instantly, as you run your fingers through your hair, you will be able to feel the silky smooth difference.



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